History of Architecture

History of different periods is tried to compile in one.
on Monday 09 January 2006
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Tughlaq period

Khirki Mosque and tomb of Giasuddin
Tughlaq period:Khirki Mosque and tomb of Giasuddin

Humayun's Tomb
Humayun's Tomb

Buland Darwaza: Front and View
Buland Darwaza: Front and View (Fatehpur Sikri)

Tomb of Selim chisti: Fatehpur Sikri
Tomb of Selim Chisti

Entry of Akbar's Tomb
Entry of Akbar's Tomb

Taz Mahal from above
Taz Mahal from above

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  • Caleighunner
    22 Nov : 18:40
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    Wow this is an a amazing article which has reminded me the ancient historical monument. I was here for gathering many such stories which describes the best of the things about the history.
  • Rifat Mansur
    29 May : 11:40
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    i never knew that there are so many things to learn from history. It's great

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