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Wed Jul 26 2006, 07:44pm Print
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: mirpur,dhaka
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tauheed n my frnds were working in the protography category for dhaka project..i hope you know that we have submitted a full cd on our covered areas..but due to exam phenomenon we could not help but stopped the task for a few what's bout the progress..n let us inform the next discourse it ok on this thursday?? n again we r really sorry for this uneven interval...:( hope to compile again, being assured of the exam issues.
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Thu Jul 27 2006, 08:19am
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Jumu sir is not in Dhaka, he is now doing a project in Bhutan. So the workshop is under halt now (though the teams should work along as they were instructed).

We are going to watch s movie today in Discourse. See details in
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Thu Jul 27 2006, 10:49am
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Jumu sir phirse. Tomra chole eso ajke sobai.
Movie dekha hobe...
Keep in touch guys
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Sun Jan 30 2022, 04:03am
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Cant wait to find this love, soo great!
maternity photographer
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