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Sat Dec 09 2006, 10:35am Print
it would be great, if we the archsociety members could make a architecture directory. when we roam around the roads of our cities, seeing a building sometimes we want to know who is the architect of that building, hardly we know them if the architect is not famous.... or the building is not famous.... so if we start to make a directory, when we will need to know, we can just have a glimp on archsociety. no body can do it alone. so i think admin bhai will help us to do it. in this directory some informations like, project, architect, completion and a snap of the building can the published.
mr admin please give us some idea or a easier process wherr any member can participate and increase the volume of that directory.
Let this thread be the directory . Everyone post here the buildings you see and which are apparently unknown to global users. The rules:
1. Write at least one sentence describing the building's function.
2. Write the location or attach google earth KMZ file
3. Write the name of the architect
3. Give at least one photo of the structure.

[Text added by admin] Edited Tue Dec 12 2006, 06:48pm
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Sat Dec 09 2006, 03:44pm
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: Dhaka
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nice idea
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Sat Dec 09 2006, 10:50pm
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it would be great. just few days back i was looking at the building of dhaka bank, gulshan 1, and on of my younger genious was asking like that the building has got a figure like a familly. i would loved to know about the building, the architect and if he really thought of giving that kind of familly feeling with that building.

well to achieve such a dierectory we need to post picture and description. then the discussion will be open to add coment and review. thus it can be started. and goes on.
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Tue Dec 12 2006, 07:06pm
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This structure is the monument for the martiars of 1971 in the liberation war of Bangladesh.
In Bangla this is called রায়ের বাজার বদ্ধভুমী স্মৃতিসৌধ
Architects: Jami Al Shafi & Farid
Location: Raiyer Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Raiyer Bazar Boddhobhumi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Google Earth auto flight KMZ file:
]1165950413_4_FT1388_raiyer_bazar_boddhobhumi.kmz[/file] Edited Tue Dec 12 2006, 07:12pm
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Fri Dec 15 2006, 07:08pm
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Fri Dec 15 2006, 07:09pm
we have an idea to make the architecture directory large, as student of architecture, many of us have communication with many architects, so if at least some of us just target some architects and collect the informations needed for the directory and upload it will be a great job, so may be administration of Archsociety is going to print a form, where the architects will formally give archsociety the right to publish their project. i'm requesting the members to give us more suggestions to make this attempt effective. we can also publish the works of developers.
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Fri Dec 15 2006, 08:07pm
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Mrs. Ahsan, Thanks for the post.
The directory of this thread and the ‘directory’ you are talking about is a bit different. When archsociety team will go to fetch information from architects or developers then those exclusive information should be published in the Digital Library of archsociety (till date the poorest part of archsociety).

And we will work together. I’ll inform you people about the next meeting in short time.
But the purpose of this thread is different. As I assumed this thread is for mass publication of building identities in a very short form, like a directory of buildings worldwide (you may follow NEO’s post).
Although this thread is opened by you… you have the right to define what will happen in this thread.. so you can give your opinion if I’m thinking wrong here.

Edited Mon Dec 18 2006, 09:11pm
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Mon Dec 18 2006, 06:50pm
it is ok admin, i shared my ideas with the members, i was seeking for suggestion, because we are getting very poor response, without u even i did not post any infos about any buildings.
so looking forward and hoping to get response
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