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Falling Water: Creative Location for Meetings and Events
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Thu Dec 21 2006, 01:11pm Print
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The masterpiece work by Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water at Bear Run Pennsylvania is becoming one of the most favorite meeting and social places nowadays.

Few days ago (7th December) on the birthday of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie took him to this fabulous place… and this visit was his birthday gift from Jolie. “Brad said he had wanted to experience Fallingwater ever since he took an architectural history course in college,” Fallingwater’s Curator of Education Cara Armstrong said. “He and I talked quite a bit about design and art. He was incredibly well informed about architecture.”
See the photo

Here is another exclusive photo, Tom Hanks (another architecture fan of Hollywood) with few of his friends (Ron Howard and Dennis Miller pictured with Fallingwater's Director Lynda Waggoner) took a visit to Falling Water in July of this year.
(Photo and information from )

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Thu Dec 21 2006, 02:57pm
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glad to hear architecture is expressing itself without architect.
being an architecture student we should proud of it. (specially for my favourite arch. F.L. Wright)
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Sat Dec 23 2006, 06:06pm
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thats great to know...i didnt know....
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Mon Dec 25 2006, 05:29pm
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Tom Hanks : is a master in his field. and you know if you want to entertain a master of any field, you got to be master in your field.
only a master painting can entertain a master architect.
so the tune or songs from master's can only entertain a poet.
thus the building is a place to be, to the celebretity like tom hanks. i first came to know about this building from this itself. and then gone through these sites.



Fallingwater Intro

i can remember that to reply many a thread here in archsociety, i have mentioned the refferences of greatbuildings sites. by this time i think you people already have an habit to search there. before taking any initiative with designing you should have a look on them. Edited Mon Dec 25 2006, 05:40pm
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Sun Jan 30 2022, 03:57am
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Very helpful and good value as well. Will definitely use them again

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