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Fri Jan 19 2007, 01:21pm Print
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: Dhaka
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Yesterday we arranged a slide show of our ARCASIA tour in our campus lobby.
It really became a very enjoyable event!
DAN initiated the program. We all helped to make it done.
Lima and I made two gorgeous posters for the event in water color on big cartridge paper. Everyone liked the posters.
The show was held in the lunch break, so that every student and teacher may participate in it.
Sayeed sir invited the Registrar of our University and all the teachers from our teachers' room. Although the multimedia slide was a very informal one...
I declared to everyone that the most informal parts of the slide is to be watched after closing the eyes!
We arranged ভাপা পিঠা for everyone for free.
at the end it became an unforgettable event in campus...
If anyone want to get the copy of the slide show... let me know. Edited Sun Jan 21 2007, 08:06am
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Fri Jan 19 2007, 04:42pm
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Hey buddy!!I may be the initiator of the event but u did all the works!!Thanks for ur awesom slide show...I know i've critisised it alot ..but i guess it turned out to be an outstanding one!!! Im really gglad that everything went smoothly!!But I guess there were two imp "dishting"s were missing...I hope we dont get to miss them in future "Dishting plans"!!

'n i want a writed copy of the show!!remember???
p.s. another spelling mistake?????
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Sun Jan 21 2007, 12:02pm
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wanna get the copy of slide show and see the poster
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Sun Jan 21 2007, 01:31pm
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bhaia,i would like to have one copy too...and also want to see the poster...
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Mon Jan 22 2007, 08:04am
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I'm going to scan the poster soon. Whenever i'll do it i'm going to upload it here.
And as the slide show's wmv file is more than 250MB in size... it's tough to share it through internet. If you people come to my may easily take it from me there.
Glad to see your interest
Oh Aliza... on that slide show event few of the students from your campus (BUET) came to watch it. Don't know how did they come to know about it. One name I could recognize that is Rumki... ask her about the experience, ha ha ha!
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Mon Jan 22 2007, 12:50pm
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: Dhaka
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rumki is one gud person , infact she was at BRAC at first time. then waiting called,

i missed it. but i missed some other things more.
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Mon Feb 05 2007, 03:49pm
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: Dhaka
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Here is the poster. Uff... DAN often becomes so enthusiastic that we get no other way than to do something like this
She bought a whole pack of water color, cartridge paper... and did a good exercise of her voice for shouting on me and Lima
And somehow she managed us to sit on painting this poster.
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Mon Feb 05 2007, 09:07pm
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I feel lucky to have the opportunity to see the slide show, at Neo’s place.
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