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Thu Feb 15 2007, 04:45am
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: istanbul
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urban design in south asia
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Wed Apr 04 2007, 07:40pm
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: Dhaka
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News on
Heritage of Tantibazar
Shocking demolition of old buildings in Dhaka
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Thu Apr 05 2007, 03:43pm
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An important international design competition:
wrote ...
Call for entries!
The Centre of Contemporary Architecture in Russia is calling for entries for the PORTFOLIO competition to take part in the open architectural competition with international participation for the most innovative concept for new Museum in Perm city, Russia. In a foregoing open application procedure participants should submit their portfolios from which CCA will select 25 architects to take part in the competition.
PRIZE FUND $ 300 000 USA
1st Prize $ 100 000
2nd Prize $ 70 000
3rd Prize $ 50 000
Awards: 8 Special awards $ 10 000 each
July 10, 2007
Competition client Perm administration and Perm Art Gallery.
Patronized by the Federal Agency of Culture and Cinematography in Russia
In collaboration with Union of Russian Architects and Moscow Union of Architects
Supported by Ford Foundatition
The museum concept by Dieter Bogner / Austria / in collaboration with Perm Art Gallery
Competition organizer Centre of Contemporary Architecture in Russia
See details HERE
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Thu Apr 19 2007, 10:10pm
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: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Post new... Entries there..>>>

American School & University magazine is now accepting entries for the November 2007, 25th Anniversary Architectural Portfolio.

Official entry packets are now available. You can find complete entry information, including submission guidelines and entry forms, on AS&U's Web site. Just click here.
  • Entry Forms Due: June 4
  • Portfolios Due: July 2
  • Architectural Portfolio issue published and promoting your project to the largest education facilities and business audience: November 2007
Unmatched national exposure in a special commemorative publication that will showcase the best of today's school and university projects.
Be a Part of Architectural Portfolio 2007 - Celebrating the Best in School Design:
  • Every published project is featured free on AS&U's newly remodeled Web site with free Directory of Design Professionals listing and logo.
  • New bonus Education Bond Alerts for all published firms.
  • New client quote option and complimentary e-print PDF file for multi-page layouts.
  • New Pre-K/Early-Childhood category.
  • Free plaques, client mailing, award icon, public relations and more.
  • All entry materials can be sent as digital files.
  • National exposure for your project: in print, online and at the top trade shows.

Visit for complete 2007 entry information, to submit an entry online and to view projects and judges' commentary from the 2006 Architectural Portfolio. Click here for a PDF of the Call For Entries.

Visit AS&U online at

Edited Mon May 07 2007, 07:40pm
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Mon May 07 2007, 07:35pm
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: Dhaka
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The makers of our AutoCAD, 3DSMax and many other softwares that keep us alive for designing in computer is the Autodesk Inc.
They are now arranging an amazing tour and conferences named " Autodesk Experience the Possibilities Tour". They are holding events to show the new possibilities of the products in a new way.
You can also participate in this fabulous event. Visit this site: CLICK HERE
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Mon May 14 2007, 09:42pm
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: Dhaka
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A new project by Zaha Hadid Cagliari Contemporary Arts Centre, Cagliari, Italy is now under-construction...
To read and see this fabulous project CLICK HERE.
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Fri May 25 2007, 04:57pm
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: Dhaka
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Zaha Hadid's new commission for a floating tower over Arabian bay to hover over Dubai. It seems and wild and crazy idea... but it's really being built in reality soon. See the review CLICK here. or more HERE

Zaha Hadid's new commision at Dubai for a commertial tower
Edited Sat May 26 2007, 08:03pm
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Tue Jun 26 2007, 05:02am
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: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Zaha Hadid - Dune Formations

Zaha Hadid - Dune Formations - - The best home videos are here

press release:



David Gill Galleries and Zaha Hadid are proud to announce the opening of the Dune Formations installation to be previewed at the Scuola dei Mercanti during the Venice Biennale, 2007.

The body of work has been created exclusively for the David Gill Galleries London and is a Tcontinuation of Hadid’s research and exploration into the dialogue of material geometry. Always questioning the restrictions imposed by an orthogonal arrangement, the total fluidity of her work continues to push the boundaries of architecture and design.

Dune Formations is an organic ensemble of unique furniture elements ranging from wall Dune Formations is an organic ensemble of unique furniture elements ranging from wall shelving units, tables, benches and an artificial tree. Every piece of the installation challenges traditional Cartesian geometries by blending vertical and horizontal into continuous three-dimensional surfaces. Advanced 3d modelling techniques are combined with the processes of digital production and innovative materials. Metal and resins are melted into sinuous shapes, finished with a bespoke golden orange colour created in the UK.

Dune Formations emerge as a series of distinct elements, all generated by a common series of topological rules and differentiated by unique design features. The elements nest into each other to form a dynamic three-dimensional ensemble, where each object affects its neighbours and at the same time has the ability to live on its own as a piece.

Domestic objects are redefined into abstractions that lead to a unique interpretation of an interior landscape. Each element suggests a multiplicity of possible uses, introducing a creative combination of horizontal surfaces, display areas and seating elements.

Dune Formations for David Gill Galleries can will be showcased at the Scuola dei Mercanti, Campo de Madonna dell’Orto, Cannaregio, 3933, Venezia.

Press Preview: 7/8/9 June from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Cressida Wilson


60 Fulham Road, London SW3 6HH, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 02 7589 5946 Tel: +44 (0) 02 7589 5946
Email: Cressida [@]

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