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Wed Jul 25 2007, 10:16pm
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: Dhaka
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My thesis site is in Chapai-Nawabganj Bangladesh. Designing a Polytechnic Insitute there as my thesis project.
However, near my site there's a village of potters (কুমার পাড়া) at Baroghoria. Two weeks ago I went to my site again for surveying. Beside working on my site I took some photos here & there & near the কুমার পাড়া. Here are some of those photos:

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05078
After the flood attack of '98 mud construction is a rare scenario in this area now. Photo shows the informal corner entry of typical rural vernacular homestead of Bangladesh.

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05123
Outer rooms are often turning into workshops or shops for selling their products.

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05183
Finishing and drying up of potteries

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05189
Shop within homestead

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05190
Shops beside the street

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05215
One of the important uses of the courtyards... paddy being processed to become rice

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05282
The weekly village market (হাট)

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05283
Rickshaw vans are busy for the transportation for this temporary weekly marketplace

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05288
Pottery shops

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05325
The river-side paddy fields on the silted land by the villages

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05329
Oh I wish I could jump in...!

1185401790 4 FT1792 Dsc05332
I think it's tough to design a project in a site near places like these....! Huhh I'm now into this tough job!
I wish I could learn at least some basic of rationality, cost efficiency, and a naturally sustainable development from these vernacular things! They are the boss, the nature made them the boss of all short of sustainability in life and in structures. [/html] Edited Wed Jul 25 2007, 10:38pm
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Mon Aug 20 2007, 09:11pm
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: Dhaka
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My preliminary crit is coming next week... ha ha ha
Now what I'm doing in design is just trying to give 'apertures' from the courtyards to these ultimate views. Its becoming tough although. As the fusion of introverted courtyards and the view towards the river at the same time is becoming tough. River view requiring linear arrangements of buildings in master-plan, but to retain the vernacular character in my design it requires a fusion of courtyards and the apertures towards the river simultaneously.
Pray for me guys....
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silent dark
Tue Aug 21 2007, 01:34pm
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: Dhaka
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work_____work_____work_____& work................

that's the only suggestion for u my dear brother....

all the best.......for ur preliminary..........
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Wed Aug 22 2007, 05:59pm
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: Dhaka
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Hey .. bro.. I luv the picx.. maybe I'll draw some of those for my water colors...:)
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Fri Aug 24 2007, 04:45pm
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This is a 'kampong' houses of Kedah, a state in the north of peninsula Malaysia. This well- preserved house, were relocated to a park in front of the State Secretariat Office. The frame and wall cladding is made of local hardwoods - assembled without using nails - and the roof is made of 'attap' weaved from palm fronds.

We all love traditional architecture, but timber is getting more and more expensive. Per square meter of sawn hardwood can cost 20 times more than concrete. Attap roofs are notoriously leaky.

These houses are highly ventilated and the lightweight structure has little thermal mass. They are 'ambient' houses that follow the surrounding outdoor temperature. That is fine in the shady countryside. In hotter town areas that suffer from the heat island effect, they can get uncomfortably warm.

It is right that these house are conserved, but for housing today, they serve as inspiration rather than solutions.

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Mon Jan 31 2022, 07:34am
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: Bethany delaware
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vernacular architecture
cabinet installation fort wayne

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Thu Sep 01 2022, 10:37am
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: davao
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Really excited to do this next year, been reading a lot of articles to make sure i dont miss out anything
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Mon Sep 19 2022, 07:04am
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: london
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