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Be a part of the archsociety development team
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Thu Nov 23 2006, 03:40am
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: Dhaka
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I can' regularly post students good project from first to 7th semister, but with the permission of my teacher. Hope it will be granted. And i am eager to do it for protocol as i do not do kamla, and it will also help me to learn a lot. I don't need money. But you said in future u may be able to pay

Can the articles from the students?
I will have a little group of two or three of my friends who will help me to do this job. Let me know am i permitted to do so or no vacancy?
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Thu Nov 23 2006, 08:05am
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: virtual architecture ..!
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Of course Himel...
You start your venture. Most welcome.
But before doing this you'll need a short training on some codes and specifications. A little idea about the backend of archsociety engine. Call me at my cell (see my profile). Or give me your phone number. Make schedule and come to Dhanmondi with your friends. I'll explain you how to do the thing in precision.

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Thu Nov 23 2006, 08:27am
Registered Member #294 Joined: Mon Oct 16 2006, 05:10pm
: Dhaka
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ok i will do so after strike.
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Sun Jan 30 2022, 04:55am
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: davao
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This is such a great help! I've been struggling for days already, soo glad i found this site! thanks for sharing!

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