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Tue Aug 22 2006, 06:02pm Print
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I need some projects or casestudies of any DEFENCE MUSEUM....
If anyone can help plz reply
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Tue Aug 22 2006, 11:27pm
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: Honolulu, HI
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There is a small visitor gallery at the Pearl Harbor, which showcases historic battleships and historic accounts of the Pearl Harbor attack during WWII. I have often visited the place. I don't know what exactly you are looking for in a Defence Museum, (I assume it has something to do with military) let me know if information on this would help. I might have a few photographs taken there.
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Wed Aug 23 2006, 12:33pm
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In Dhaka, there's a Defence Museum, it is rather not a building but an open filed!
Few old tanks, morter, rocket launchers, terpedo, old cannons, and some tag boats are there. I'll try to find out if there's any case study or project report is there or not...
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Tue Sep 12 2006, 12:45am
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follow the above link, you will get a detailed discussion on architectural aspect of a museum.
this is what they say
"Of all proposals to Norman Foster in recent years, the one by the Imperial War Museum to design the American Air Museum in Britain must have caught his imagination with particular force."

i wish it would be helpful to you.

this place is about a museum but not defence museum, even i thouhgt its worth visiting, for all the students.
you wont regret your time watching this site. Edited Tue Sep 12 2006, 12:53am
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Wed Jul 22 2020, 05:30am
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