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Sun Apr 22 2007, 07:33am Print
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: dhaka
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What is timeless architecture? plz briefly describe me if anyone know about this.Some people say when a project achive beyound this time priod it's called timeless architecture, another group of people say when your form acive the abstraction. I'm really confuced.
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Mon Apr 23 2007, 02:01am
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: bits N bites
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i think an well solved structure that serves with ease to maximum people with its trgeted functionality is a timeless architecture.
whec your structure serves the real purpose, no one will think of recreating, destructing it. thus your construction gain love and long life. people will be bound to presurve the mass.
otherwise after some days if it become not usable, the nextzen architects will plan to demolish the thing and make something more useful.
in the process of changing time, few constructions are servivng for thousads of year, and they are timeless.

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Mon Apr 23 2007, 03:51pm
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: Dhaka
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There's actually nothing called 'timeless' as well as no work of architecture is 'timeless' in reality. All are just emotional attributes to very good pieces of architecture.

Work for humanity, the history will recall your works or may be your name... timelessness is nothing but this notion.

Be sure one thing, 'timeless architecture' is not a 'style' or 'philosophy' in architecture ha haa haa, the phrase is nothing but an emotional attribute to good works. And there's no specific definition of it. Don't even try to find any definition.
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THE dead MAN
Wed May 09 2007, 08:04am
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: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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think neo is right.
there have no defination of architecture.
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silent dark
Thu May 10 2007, 02:27pm
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: Dhaka
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I agree with NEO....COZ what is memories work of Good Architecture may called timeless may be
T.S.C or MADUR CANTEEN can be an example...if I think wrong plz give me the right example.....
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Thu May 10 2007, 04:01pm
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Is madhur canteen Architecturally a good example? I know its a popular canteen. But can we place it in good architecture? i dont know. Edited Thu May 10 2007, 04:03pm
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silent dark
Thu May 10 2007, 04:58pm
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: Dhaka
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may be not....but it's a live place...

but T.S.C can be timeless architecture
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Mon May 14 2007, 06:44pm
in this picture the architecture by corbusier and the car infront of it dont seem to be of same time. may be this sort of architectures are timeless.

i feel sometimes a event or history can make a architecture timeless but sometimes architecture makes itselt timeless by its design.


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