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Khaled Vai
Thu Jun 21 2007, 06:10pm Print
Registered Member #628 Joined: Thu Jun 21 2007, 06:08pm
: Dhaka
Posts: 1
Hi guys, I am Khaled from NSU. Himel has invited me to this forum. Hope it will be a nice journy with you all...............
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Thu Jun 21 2007, 06:30pm
Admin Registered Member #12 Joined: Sat Sep 17 2005, 01:22pm
: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Posts: 333

hello Khaled

welcome to Archsociety....

Edited Thu Jun 21 2007, 06:37pm
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Thu Jun 21 2007, 08:04pm
Admin Registered Member #4 Joined: Thu Aug 04 2005, 04:54am
: Dhaka
Posts: 666
Which semester are you in NSU? Who's your design teacher now? Is Harun sir in your semester now?
What's going on in your studio?
Wish to see your design here
Welcome dude...
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Fri Jun 22 2007, 05:18pm
Registered Member #26 Joined: Mon Nov 28 2005, 05:52pm
: bits N bites
Posts: 503
khaled vai welcome.
in a forum the fun lies in sharing. in your case i think you will enjoy.
as after joining with us you placed your intro. thats what we expect from all. but you can observe very very less brilliant guy do did it right.
thats why i think sure your journey will be nice.
oh himel is a lovable guy.
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Fri Jun 29 2007, 01:33pm
Registered Member #68 Joined: Thu Jul 06 2006, 06:28am
: dhaka
Posts: 162
welcome to our community...
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Sun Jan 30 2022, 02:08pm
Registered Member #17235 Joined: Sat Jan 29 2022, 10:34am
: Bethany delaware
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Happy to find this forum
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Sun Apr 24 2022, 06:33am
Registered Member #18025 Joined: Sun Apr 24 2022, 05:31am
: sydney australia
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awesome post i love it keep posting more!
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Thu Sep 01 2022, 10:09am
Registered Member #17236 Joined: Sat Jan 29 2022, 02:15pm
: davao
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This is such a great help! I've been struggling for days already, soo glad i found this site! thanks for sharing!
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