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Sat Jul 28 2007, 08:14pm Print
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watch out here the new seven wonders along with other 14 nominated landmarks.

The campaign to name the new wonders was launched by Swiss adventurer Bernard Weber in 1999. Almost 200 nominations came in and the list was narrowed to 21 at the beginning of 2006. 
For inclusion in the list, the new wonders had to be man-made, completed by 2000 and in an "acceptable" state of preservation.


Each continent had to be represented by at least one wonder, but there could not be more than one per country. The ancient wonders were mainly concentrated in the Mediterranean area.


"They should become symbols of unity in the modern world, just as the original seven wonders were symbols of the ancient world," Weber told swissinfo in an earlier interview.


Some countries, such as Brazil and Jordan, had enthusiastically endorsed their country's candidates.


But the new wonders campaign has not been universally recognised. The United Nations' cultural organisation, Unesco, has distanced itself from the initiative. It has its own World Heritage list.

"There is no comparison between Mr Weber's mediatised campaign and the scientific and educational work resulting from the inscription of sites on Unesco's World Heritage List," said Unesco in a statement released on July 6.

"The list of the "Seven New Wonders of the World" will be the result of a private undertaking, reflecting only the opinions of those with access to the INTERNET and not the entire world. This initiative cannot, in any significant and sustainable manner, contribute to the preservation of sites elected by this public," it added.

*the world is already divided into two part, one those have INTERNET access, other who dont have.
Archaeologists have also raised concerns over the possible effects of increased tourism to the new seven wonders.

review and photo gallery courtesy SWISSINFO.ORG
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Sat Jul 28 2007, 09:02pm
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another great place to look and learn on the seven wonders, New and Old.

every individual landmark comes with descriptions. better than my previous post on seven wonders, check out.

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Tue Jul 31 2007, 12:04pm
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thankz for the share...
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Jhuma Laila
Wed Aug 01 2007, 05:47am
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Thanks. I already voted for Cox's Bazar & sent the link to all of my friends.......
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Fri Aug 03 2007, 02:56pm
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love you jhuma

tell them to do the same.
in fact teach them to do the same.
let us make it happen.
we love our bangla we love our cox's bazar

vote it. say yes to cox's bazar. yes yes
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Mon Jan 31 2022, 07:36am
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Man-made wonders
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Thu Sep 01 2022, 10:37am
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Really excited to do this next year, been reading a lot of articles to make sure i dont miss out anything
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Mon Sep 19 2022, 06:54am
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