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comment spam, problem may be eliminated by these plugin
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Fri Jun 06 2008, 09:29pm Print
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: bits N bites
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i found this place, in their download section few interesting e107 pluging are avialble.
one of them are to prevent comment spam. as we suffar from comment spuming, we can try them out.

beside that we can implement captcha in comenting, here goe another link to the code and how to implement captcha on e107.

both of above tool need to be tried on here. thanks in advance, share us if you find any good solution to the coment spam problem, other than these two.
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Sun Jun 08 2008, 05:25pm
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Thanks a lot Nirghum.
Preventing comment spamming in news posts are really becoming necessary. We'll be working on just when we'll get a suitable time.
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