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Fri Aug 07 2009, 06:59am Print
there some work done with sketch up.
1249628387 1021 FT0 1

1249628387 1021 FT0 X

1249628651 1021 FT0 1232

1249628723 1021 FT0 2
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Sat Aug 08 2009, 07:39am
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: Dhaka
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great job
can u let us know what adjustments in vray for skup u have done in these?
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Sat Aug 08 2009, 03:18pm
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: Dhaka
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Yes, good renders!
I couldn't crack Vray for SketchUp 7. Could you? Or you are still using 6?
Anyway yes it would be great if you would share your Vray for Sketchup skills here. Help us with the clues to do good renderings in Sketchup.
You can post some 'screenshots' of material and light settings.
Thanks for your post, looking forward to see more.
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Sat Aug 08 2009, 11:27pm
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yaa... nice renders...
keep it up.
and it would be nice if you share your experience.

by the way...
I found a PDF tutorial[By>Chia Fu Chiang_Damien Alomar_Jorge Barrero], which is very helpful
see here

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Sun Aug 30 2009, 12:57pm
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very good renderings.
do you know any good sites to download materials for v ray.
keep it up.
good luck
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Tue Oct 27 2009, 12:23pm
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so u know how 2 render.......but the thing is :shouldnt u be kinda givin us hints of how u do it?
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Fri Oct 30 2009, 07:23pm
সবাইকে ধণ্যবাদ. আমি সময় পেলে আবস্যই sketch-up এর কিছু ইটপস দিব

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Tue Apr 06 2010, 12:23pm
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Thank you for sharing.
And, you are requested to write something about the project on the picture, rather than posting only the pictures.

thank you for being with us. Edited Wed Apr 07 2010, 03:09pm
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