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AutoCAD files got corrupted? it may be "acad.vlx" virus! Remove NOW!
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Thu Oct 01 2009, 07:16pm Print
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there is a virus which corrupts autocad files. good news is, there is also a preventive measure you can adapt.

"Acad.vlx" Virus Cleanup


Users of AutoCAD-based products have reported a malicious acad.vlx file that causes drawing corruption.


This is not an actual AutoCAD file provided by Autodesk. When the malicious acad.vlx file is loaded in AutoCAD, it corrupts the drawing, which may result in a Missing Language Pack dialog box displaying when you save and reopen the drawing. The acad.vlx file creates a copy of itself in the Help folder (for example, C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2010\Help\logo.gif). Several other files are also modified and the ACADLSPASDOC system variable is set to 1, allowing the acad.vlx file to be loaded into other opened drawings, thereby corrupting them.The cleanup process outlined below detects and deletes any acad.vlx file before AutoCAD attempts to load it, preventing the spread of the virus.

To prevent additional file corruptions

You must be a system administrator on your Microsoft® Windows® operating system to complete this process.
  1. In your product installation folder, locate the Support folder (for example, C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2010\Support).

  2. In the Support folder, double-click the acad20xx.lsp file (for example, the acad2010.lsp file). Add the code below to the file. AutoCAD will detect and delete the acad.vlx and logo.gif files.

    (defun cleanvirus( / lspfiles lspfile x)
      (setq lspfiles '("acad.vlx" "logo.gif"))
      (foreach lspfile lspfiles
        (while (setq x (findfile lspfile))
            (vl-file-delete x)
            (princ "\nDeleted file ")
            (princ x)
  3. Open each of the following files:
    • C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 20xx\Express\acetauto.lsp
    • C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 20xx\Support\ai_utils.lsp
    • ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX\Support\acad.mnl
      Note: Replace ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX with the value returned by the ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX system variable.
  4. If present, delete the following line of code:Vlx
  5. Save each file.

for more info click HERE

help obtained from
© Copyright 2009 Autodesk, Inc.

Edited Wed Jun 15 2011, 08:24am
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Thu Oct 01 2009, 10:44pm
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Its an amazing help Rubel! Thank you very much.
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Mehrab Iftekher
Tue Oct 13 2009, 11:32am
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all cleaned up !!! thanks for the help !
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Wed Oct 14 2009, 02:13pm
Admin Registered Member #12 Joined: Sat Sep 17 2005, 01:22pm
: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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and... it was a terrible virus.....
thanks to Autodesk site for the solution.

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