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Explanation: Why and what we publish as news and what we don't
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Fri Mar 19 2010, 08:03am Print
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[This post is only about our News section publication policies]

After opening the option to submit news in ArchSociety desk right from the homepage it is increasingly overloading our news sorting and editing jobs. Sadly many of those submitted news are either simply spam or some help requests those were suppose to go to some discussion forum instead. And we are sure often you wonder what do we publish as a news and why? Here I explain our news publication policy:

What we publish:
1. We are mostly interested to publish all the competitions and events those are open for participation from all countries in the world. We avoid country or region specific competitions and events to appear on our homepage. Although sometimes we publish those as well regarding the importance of the competition, event or information.
Why?: One of the important intensions of ArchSociety is to bridge the knowledge gap among cultures and regions. We promote only those stuffs which help/ give opportunities to students and architects from any region to any region.

2. Sometimes we publish project reviews, event reviews, interviews etc. on the news section. We put them into the news only when those seem to be too important to appear in the discussion forum only.

What we don't publish (pretty obvious):
1. We don't publish product or service information in the news section. To all who submit their product or service information for promotion as a news item, our request to you, please stop it. We will NOT publish your product or service advertisement ever as a news (even if you wish to pay us for that).
If you are interested to promote your product with advertisement in we have different policy for that mail to you'll get explanation and ways to do that in reply.

2. We don't publish project or design help requests as news item. And those who request for project information or design help in a 'News Submission' are also requested to stop it. Please go to the Forum, find out where to post your request and post it there.

We always look forward to get news submissions from you. YOU are the core developer of ArchSociety contents. Thanks for being with us and all your amazing contributions to the community.
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Sun Apr 24 2022, 07:50am
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Interesting post i love it keep posting more!
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Tue Apr 26 2022, 02:22pm
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this is awesome! thanks for sharing!
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Wed Sep 07 2022, 12:44am
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So excited to see everything in person.. what a great place!
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