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Sun Oct 01 2006, 08:22am Print
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ya we really rocked in ARCASIA students jamboree.....great places....great people.....great one would ever forget.....memories of a lifetime.....specially the chinese student volunteers who were always there to help us.....they tried their heart out to do anything for us with their limited knowledge of english....but there was no shortage of keenness and care.....they always had a smile on their faces... our mismangements did not seem to bother them and even if they did those volunteers never said a word....we even saw the two girls attending us wipe their tears when they came to drop us off in the railway station for the train to shanghai....even though some smart(!) bangladeshi such as NEO think they are stupid cause they cant speak in english fluntly!!....i doubt how many times he tried to talk to them....i also talked to them and they were fine....NEO may hold a PHD in english(he thinks so!!) but there were other people from Bangladesh with good english knowledge and they think chinse people were smart and offcourse smarter than NEO(nice name to prove ur smart...haha).....This was my second visit to China in under three months time and i still say....China rocks!!! Chinese people rock!!!! Arcasia rocks!!!
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Sun Oct 01 2006, 09:59am
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[First of all REZ’s this topic was to be a reply to the thread named ‘We rocked in ARCASIA Jamboree’ not as a new thread itself.]
However, REZ you are speaking unexpectedly crap.
Archsociety forum is open for all to speak up their very own. I wrote my opinions. May be it’s wrong to you, or from your perspective.
Think one more thing you (though I don’t know who you are exactly) even not with me every time in China so you don’t know how was the relation of me with the Chinese volunteers. So you should also not speak anything about what you don’t know, isn’t it?

If you are a grocery shop keeper or a rickshaw puller then you need not to know English other than your mother tongue, as you may need not to speak with the people of different languages. But then you are volunteering with foreign delegates of different languages then knowledge of English speaking is mandatory. I have never said my English is good. Even my friends often laugh at my English spelling and pronunciation mistakes!

Mind one thing… those smart volunteers took more than 24 hours to take Bangladeshi delegates from air-port to a moderate accommodation (forget about Xindadu, that was nothing but a hell), and they did it only when we submitted a petition against the Chinise organization to the president of the ARCASIA and our Mubassher sir donated a handsome amount for our better accommodation. If they would let everything handled by ourselves (the students, including you REZ) I think we could do far better than them.

I know now you’ll start talking about the stupidity of our IAB….. ok you let everyone know what they did there… you talk against IAB and I talk against Chinese organization… both are same.
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Sun Jan 30 2022, 03:58am
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Cant wait to find this love, soo great!

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