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ritu bhardwaj
Wed Oct 11 2006, 07:05pm Print
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: jaipur
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hey all , i guess u all would be thinking me alwayz welcuming ppl here n no posts so this time i wanna tell u all that our college has gone for the zonasa event at shushant delhi this time and i have seen the work done by our seniors over the project ( mitigation centre ) . it was amazing !!!would soon upload the pics as soon as they return n would soon share details of the event ..
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Thu Oct 12 2006, 12:43am
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: Dhaka
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Ritu, not that actually... few people are always good readers

However, would you please say a bit more about the Zonasa event? Is this a national meeting of Indian architecture students? Hope to see those pictures and information soon...
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Sun Oct 15 2006, 05:57pm
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: chennai
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zonasa is zonal-meant for only specific zones like north, south etc.... Its bigger bro NASA is national level... culturals and competitions and fun is what nasa's is for...
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ritu bhardwaj
Mon Oct 16 2006, 02:59pm
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: jaipur
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thanx neo and ya nasa is national association for the students of architecture it is an association that is held by the students of architecture studying in different colleges of india . it organises an event called as NASA where students from all over the country participates and get awarded for there work . we get a topic for the participation on which we have to present our ideas through designes ( and probably other ways to present the topic ) . it occurs at both national as well as zonal levels . the one i mentioned above was zonal one and the national one is in the month of january at manipal . Its an exposure to different people working in the same field , where we share our ideas and learn more . Its great to attend a NASA event though i have not yet been the lucky one to attend one but still have heared lot about it and longing for the next . would share more as soon as i'll get the details about it .
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Wed Nov 15 2006, 06:10pm
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: bits N bites
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this nasa concept is great. is there anything (other than archsociety,or personal attempt like discourse) here in bangladesh. if not then soon we should think of some thing like nasa. which will be the official association of the architectural students. well we are looking forward to Ritu. have funn and post up smilling photos after geting back. till then by ritu. take a very good care and have lods of fun there.
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Sun Jan 30 2022, 03:57am
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: davao
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love the idea! soo glad i found this site!

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