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Thu Jul 13 2006, 09:18am Print
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You do not have the required permissions to vote in this poll

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For Presentation , I think "Sketchup" is easyer than 3dMax/Cad , It is time saving too.

The name explains something _ Sketch [Something] Up >>Sketchup.

Except making any anymation It is almost perfect for it's assigned Job.

People should Use it for there presentation perpose.
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Thu Jul 13 2006, 09:54am
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emerging architect
Fri Nov 24 2006, 08:01pm
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yeap! sketch up is excellent graphics tools and easy to synthesis the desired form for modelling works..
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Wed Dec 13 2006, 11:20am
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I have a good collection of Sketchup tutorial. I wanna upload them in download section in my name. How can i do that?

Edited Wed Dec 13 2006, 11:52am
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Wed Dec 13 2006, 07:08pm
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In which format are they? If they are from any website of internet then I think the admin will not be interested to publish them... as they are already in the internet.. why to publish them again? If those tutorials are written by you or if those contents are not taken from the internet then you send a sample of them to admin by email. Mail him at @
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Thu Dec 14 2006, 03:25pm
"You do not have the permission to vote in this poll"
why brother admin??
i want to vote for sketch up!!!
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Tue Jan 09 2007, 11:35pm
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i cant vote either but i can tell that modeling with autocad 2007 is just as easy as sketchup now, you can pull/push surfaces just like you do in sketchup and is easier to work to scale
what i dont like about sketchup is that sometimes its too hard to grab a surface it just doesn't get which surface you like and the zoom in/out is slow
i like its renders though, they look very "sketchy":) not that many options for details but they are clear and legible for a rough idra of the project
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Thu Jan 11 2007, 02:27pm
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its very obvious.. and that modeling with autocad 2007 is very nice.
thanks for tht comment.
and i think ppl are without any offence, mad about making 3d with SKup. it sometimes very much underestimating your own handsketches.. ppl will never try for that.
its sad. but it helps a lot.
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