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[poll] "New Posts" display limit should be at-least 20
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Fri Nov 24 2006, 03:32pm
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: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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I am requesting a new link below the "List all new posts after your last log in" named "list all post according to last replied" which will open a page containing all posts according to last replied_fast basis.

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Fri Nov 24 2006, 04:59pm
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: virtual architecture ..!
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"List all new posts after your last log in" link shows the threads according to 'last replied first' basis. And it shows only those posts which are new to you.
Then why to put another link like this?
Once you said, archsociety is the only website where the homepage contains this much links from the forum! I think we shouldn't put anymore link of the forum in the homepage, it’ll be too much, isn't it?

Learn more about ‘Tracking a Thread’:
To help you people track the threads for new posts there are many tracking systems in the forum. I think you have already seen the ‘red’ and ‘gray’ lights system in forum.
When someone starts a new thread the email notification of that thread’s replies remains ‘on’ by default. You can track any thread by email notification.
Take the help of the link 'Track Thread'. You'll get this 'Track Thread' link at the top of every thread in the forum. When you click on it in any thread, whenever any new reply is posted you’ll be notified by email.
You can stop this notification by clicking on ‘Cancel Thread Tracking’.
I think tracking the trail of threads is no more a problem…

Edited Fri Nov 24 2006, 05:01pm
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Tue Dec 26 2006, 07:54pm
Admin Registered Member #12 Joined: Sat Sep 17 2005, 01:22pm
: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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there is a saying>>>>>>>>>>

"mediocrity is a sin"

my recommendation is >>>

there should be links [a lot of] or there should not be any link of any topic

and the head lines while showing they get the 3 line/height...
I think it is a wast of space....

I do not know what people thinks about that...
though this is my openion/view.

Edited Tue Dec 26 2006, 08:09pm
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Sun Jan 30 2022, 05:03am
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gosh! what a great site! ive been having difficulties understanding this before.. thanks for sharing this!

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