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India Tour of architects: how it should be?
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Sat Aug 19 2006, 07:45am
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I think Lizu bhai (that would be Lizu sir for you) is a good advisor with India travel as he has already had considerable experience with arranging such trips.

Students here had a short trip to Europe and I noticed that it was not just a joy ride, but a very educational one. Each student had to keep a journal and were given specific tasks (like sketch certain good architectural works, write or draw about things, investigate specific historical accounts by interviewing local people etc.) so that their trip was more focussed and more educational than just going about seeing some old buildings or their "light-and-sound" stage effects.

My Indian friends here have adviced me not to travel through Bihar en route to Delhi (this is what we usually do) as Bihar people are very militant and drag people out of their reserved seats in train or pick a fight. We ourselves had a pretty bad experience. Moreover, Indian airline business is booming these days with tickets cheaper than train fare(? - I don't know if my friend was kidding or not) but he mentioned it is better to travel by air these days than go by train (especially he adviced me to avoid Bihar - Lallu's province, now that the bloke is the railway minister or something). I have a couple of friends Ashwin from Bangalore, Sugato from Calcutta, Mamta from Rajasthan etc. who I can ask for tips if you are bold enough to dare travel on your own. I can guarantee that it would be much cheaper and a lot more fun that way.

I think Nirghum's suggestions are pretty good. We had to buy metal chains to tie our bags to the train seat as these tended to easily get stolen. Most important - travel light. You will have lot of shopping to bring back home so leave a lot of empty space in your bag when you start from home.

Take a cap/sunglasses/sunscreens (for women) as it is extremely hot and sunny, drink a lot of water, meals used to cost around 20 rupees in our time so food cost would be 60 per day, each bus could accomodate 54 (? - have to check this out) people, so this is the optimum number any more than this, means you are looking at extra cost. Take warm clothes for Simla (one heavy duty jacket would do, or better still, buy one from Delhi or Simla). Never fall into trap with people offering cheap accomodation or trying to sale you precious stones as these are mostly fake. Remember avoid Bihar!
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Sat Aug 19 2006, 12:09pm
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: Dhaka
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Thank you sir, It’s great to read such a wonderful post.
I’ll try my best to advise them all what you said. Though they are a bit furious on me… as I’m not being able to go to India with them. 9 students from UAP are going to Beijing – Shanghai – Hong Kong tour for the ARCASIA Students Jamboree. However I’m one of them. And both of the tours our India tour and China tour is on the same time (probably starting from 16th September)! So I’m going to miss India.
Though I’m still working with the India tour organizing team. And they are also keeping their eyes on this thread.
Let see what happens next.
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Wed Aug 30 2006, 06:49pm
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Welcome to India... Friends from Pakistan also planned a trip.. Dunno what happened of it!!
Will post later.. my insights.. of dos and donts....!!!!

It was a nice experience in Dhaka for the SAARCH meet.. n would like you people to enjoy the same in Indiaa....!!
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Thu Aug 31 2006, 09:51am
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Wow you came to SAARCH in Dhaka this year?
I was a volunteer there in the conference (though worked for very short time..).
Anyway, our team of 42 students are leaving Dhaka for India on 15th September. This team would be larger if a team of 10 wouldn't fly for Beijing- Shanghai for ARCASIA Jamboree on 16th September.
However thanks for your post dear..
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Sun Jan 30 2022, 03:58am
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Very helpful and good value as well. Will definitely use them again

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Fri Jun 24 2022, 02:39pm
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First of all, we are uncertain as to whether we should hire a travel agency to oversee the tour or manage the entire tour ourselves. Seniors with experience advise against using a travel agency since they frequently make mistakes while choosing hotels in India. credit repair huntersville nc
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Sun Dec 04 2022, 07:22am
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