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Wed Nov 15 2006, 03:31pm
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: Amman
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Thank you everyone for your participations !! but you've just participated a bit too late !! i've got depressed and worked it out myself but hope it's gonna be okay !!...
to clear small things up, it's not a desert climate, jordan isn't hot at all, the most temperature it would reach here is 37 at most !! and so it's not a desert climate, the place was saltus which is in the mountains and that means less temperature and colder climate...

neo the land elevates until the near of the middle and afterwards it straightens, the only enterance is from the valley side...

atul it's merely a small grid design !! the concept is simple, just to serve, look countryside, a little of cuteness ! and poorly serve the spaces inside...

btw... is jokes any good in presentations ...
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Wed Nov 15 2006, 04:06pm
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: Dhaka
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sad to hear we cudnt help you htt time. sorry mate. but in the near future we'll definitely do it. try to.
i wd like to see some of your final things y came up with! drawings didnt show us any clue though. as you were saying 'the land elevates until the near of the middle and afterwards it straightens...' and '...the concept is simple, just to serve, look countryside, a little of cuteness!!!' so i do want to hav a glance of it.
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Wed Nov 15 2006, 04:47pm
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: bits N bites
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yeh frozenshade, as many of them took interest in your project, so i think we will love to see your works. please take a little time out to share things with us. and it was good learning about your country jordan. thanks man. you are cool.
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Thu Apr 18 2019, 12:08pm
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Mon Oct 07 2019, 02:20am
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Fri Oct 11 2019, 05:20am
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Sun Feb 02 2020, 01:45am
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Sun Jan 30 2022, 03:32am
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: davao
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Awesome services. Arrived early and worked non-stop. Thank you

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