Monday 26 March 2007

CAA Student Design Competition Jury & Exhibition

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CAA Conference is Not Being Held
It was already known to everyone that the CAA Conference was going to be held in Bangladesh this year. It was being postponed again and again for the vulnerable political situation of Bangladesh. And at the end it is now decided by CAA (Commonwealth Association of Architects) and IAB that the CAA conference is not being held in this session for the ongoing emergency state in the country.
As it seems IAB (Institute of Architects Bangladesh) was absolutely prepared to arrange the conference. And the talked about political situation of Bangladesh was also not at all a problem, rather nowadays it’s more secured and calm situation is going on in the country. But two of the member institutes of CAA denied coming to attend the conference for the political situation and IAB was compelled to cancel the conference lastly.

7th CAA Student Design Competition: Jury, Exhibition and Award
Anyway as the part of the conference the CAA 7th Students Design Competition 2006 jury and exhibition is held and going on very successfully in Dhaka. The jury board was formed as:
Peter Devey, (Chairman of the Jury Board) Architectural critic and historian, former Editor of Architectural Review
Esther Charlesworth, Founding Director, Architects Without Frontiers
Geraint John, Senior Advisor HOK Sport Architecture, Director UIA Programme Sport & Leisure
Shamsul Wares, Professor, Department of Architecture, The University of Asia Pacific.
Zainab Faruqui Ali, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, BRAC University.

CAA students design competition jurors on work-CAA students design competition Geraint John speaks-CAA students design competition Peter Devey speaks-CAA students design competition Prof. Shamsul Wares speaks-CAA students design competition Vice President of CAA Mubassher Ali-CAA students design competition result is publishing at exhibition venue Photography: Sanjeed Mahmood

Jury sessions were held at the Department of Architecture of The University of Asia Pacific (UAP), Dhaka, Bangladesh on 23rd and 24th March 2007.
IAB, UAP, CAA and student volunteers worked dedicatedly for a successful jury session and an exhibition.
The exhibition is now going on
Here: Open Studio, Dept. of Architecture, The University of Asia Pacific,
H. No: 51, R. No. 4A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Exhibition is open: 25th to 28th March 2007, Everyday from 10:00 to 20:00hrs

Competition Winners (in brief):
1st Prize (2000 pounds): Matthew Anthony French, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
2nd Prize (800 pounds): Rock Young Kim, Inha University, South Korea
3rd Prize Jointly (200 pounds + 200 pound bonus): Gergely Baumann, Attila Cselovszki, Loltan Palyik, Bence Pottyondy, Gabor Somogy of Hungarian Szemt Istvan University, Hungary
3rd Prize (200 pounds): Ryan Goldring, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.
1st Year Student Prize (200 pounds): Himawan Prakoso, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

5 more entries from Indonesia, Czech Republic, South Africa, China, UK and Bangladesh is specially commended by the jurors. Including the award winning and the commended entries in total 20 entries are specially selected for the exhibition by the jurors.
Although now in the exhibition venue all the valid entries are being exhibited. Seems it’s a good strategy of competition exhibition to show all the entries together, so the viewers may compare the quality of all the entries.
Congratulations to the winners.

Tuesday 20 March 2007

Upcoming Revolution in Architecture!

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Often it’s said that architecture is a high paid job. Because the ‘property’ is under the control of capitalists high class people. And they are the main patron of architects.
But don’t architects have any responsibility for the mass people? Can’t they do something for them just to help them out? Yes they can.
Many of us who are in this profession are often thinking of it. We see poor people here and there in the slums or in thatched huts. We also think of the development of the living standard of the mass people. One billion people live in abject poverty. Four billion live in fragile but growing economies. One in seven people live in slum settlements. By 2020 it will be one in three. We don't need to choose between architecture or revolution. What we need is an architectural revolution.

Architecture for Humanity, AMD and Sun Microsystems have started a revolutionary project that is ‘Open Architecture Network’.
Open Architecture Network is a project where people from any part of the world will submit architectural design solutions for the development of the mass living standards through out the world.

The founder of ‘Architecture for Humanity’ got the TED prize in the year 2006. TED prize is given to those person who have shown some excellent idea and effort for the mankind in any creative sector.

Architecture for Humanity planned to do something by architecture which can change the entire living standard of mass people through out the world. And they established the Open Architecture Network. Ideas submitted by the creative people from any part of the world will be reviewed by experts and the community members. And projects which are very effective for a locality may be built in reality. OAN and it's sponsors will provide the fund to build those projects. Hopefully soon many other companies will join with OAN to make the revolution come true.
Visit it:
open architecture network logo

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Architecture for Humanity

Thursday 25 January 2007

AR Award for Emerging Architecture: Winners

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There are many awards for architecture. But award for ‘Emerging Architecture’ is one, that is the ‘AR Award for Emerging Architecture’ it’s the biggest and the best award for young architects of the globe. It’s prize money is as much as £15 000.
This year the Winners and the highly Commended Entries of 2006 is declared few days ago.

AR award always gives emphasis on the ‘intelligence’ and the ‘innovation’ other than the glamour of architecture among the young architects of the world. This year also some designs which are innovative and committed to doing something real good for the humanity get the awards.
This year the winners are:
Pedestrian bridge, Lake Austin, Texas, USA MIRO RIVERA ARCHITECTS
Children's treatment centre Hokkaido, Japan SOU FUJIMOTO ARCHITECTS
Handmade school Rudrapur, Bangladesh ANNA HERINGER, EIKE ROSWAG
To get all the detail information about the declaration and the award
Click Here.

Here we emphasis on the last one… the Handmade school in Rudrapur, Dinajpur, Bagnladesh designed by Anna Heringer.
According to Anna’s lecture in Discourse, while she was doing her post graduation one of the international NGO in Bangladesh called for help to design a low cost but sustainable design for a children’s primary school in Bangladesh. Anna Heringer took the opportunity to do something innovative and intelligent for the poor children of the Rudrapur village in Dinajpur.
Hence there was a tradition of making mud structure in rural Bangladesh, Anna Heringer planned to do something with mud and bamboo and which will be cost efficient, contextual and interesting for the children.
She found out and motivated some local people who works for mud and bamboo construction in the locality. They started working with the plan by Anna. Many curious villagers also came to work with the team just out of interest!
She made up the entire school by only bamboo, mud and straw. There’s a thick wall inside with some small tunnels for children’s playing.
Archsociety is going to publish more information on this project with drawings and photographs soon.
Here is a glance of what she made:
Hand Made School designed by Anna Heringer

Hand Made School designed by Anna Heringer

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