Thursday 09 November 2006

Architecture Plus Awards II Call for Entry

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We think everyone knows about the architectural journal named ‘Architecture+’ published from Dubai UAE.
From the last year Architecture+ has started a recognized international award for architecture. This year also A+ has announced the call for entry for the award competition. Entitled as:
“Architecture Plus Awards II Design for a New World”
Archsociety news desk has come to know about this announcement yesterday and this announcement of the 2nd cycle of this award was declared on 1st November officially.

Only built projects are eligible for submission. This rule will not be applicable for students, they can submit their unbuilt studio-projects
The competition is being held in some different categories they are:
Office environment, Hotels and Resorts, Housing and Residential, Public, Arts and Culture, Retail and Commercial, Preservation and Conservation, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Architectural Lighting Design, Architecture for and by Women, Architecture for Children, Architecture and Community, Aspiring Architect Award (Students: US$10,000 Prize), Professional's Choice Award, Lifetime Acheivement Award.
Anyone related to architecture, design and urban planning may participate for this award. But the built project has to be located within Gulf States, The Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.
An individual may submit as many eligible projects as he/she wishes.

The registration will be closed on 15th December.
The submission deadline is 31st January 2007.

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Thursday 12 October 2006

7th CAA Students Design Competition

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Students from all over the globe (even outside the commonwealth countries) are invited to participate in the 7th CAA Students Design Competition. (Closing date for entries 10 November 2006) The participants have to design:

A Small Sustainable Sports Centre which will serve as a focus for a poor community. Entrants can choose a site from within their own region, but this is not mandatory. It can be located in a rural or an urban context. It can be a sports pavilion or an urban sports facility featuring regeneration. The architectural response to the site will be amongst the criteria for judging the competition. The centre should aim at attracting people to participate in sport and physical activity, particularly young people. As such, it should have social facilities and its design should attract members of the community to participate in the building. The competition jury is not looking for a large centre, but one that will serve a wide spectrum of a small population. It can achieve a social purpose in attracting people who are unemployed or from problem areas of society to participate in sport. It can also perform a valuable role in persuading people to pursue a healthy agenda. Many people neglect exercise and a healthy life-style. Entrants may choose a theme for the building: • It can be inspired by, or named after a famous sports person from the past or the present. A sporting hero or heroine may give appeal to the facility; if this course is followed, there should be link to the design and the jury will look for brief evidence and background. • It can also be inspired by a certain sport or group in society, but the jury will be looking for a broad community appeal. -Download the Rules and Procedures -Download the Registration form CAA Website:
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Friday 06 October 2006

Nathan Phillips Square Design Competition

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Nathan Philip Square Toronto -
Nathan Philip Square, Toronto, Canada

The Mayor of the Toronto City David Miller declares an open international design competition for the Nathan Philip Square. Nathan Philip Squar is the most popular public place and one of the important tourist attractions.
This open competition is scheduled in two stages. The submission deadline of the first stage is 16th November - 2006.

The competition is open to all professional architects, landscape architects, urban planners and engineers who meet either or both of the following requirements:

* are registered or accredited by a formal registration or accreditation body in one of the above disciplines in the entrant's country of origin; or

* where registration and accreditation is not available in a particular jurisdiction, the entrant is a member of the relevant professional institute in their country of origin.

The Competition Brief identifies guiding principles for revitalizing the Square, a detailed program description, the budget for project implementation, and the process for submitting design proposals. The international design community, including professional architects, landscape architects, urban planners, and engineers are being invited to submit bold and creative proposals.

Competition Process

The competition is structured as a two-stage open process:

* In Stage I, all eligible professionals are invited to submit a Design and Experience Statement which must be received by November 16, 2006.
* The Competition Jury will select a short-list of not more than five submissions to proceed to Stage II. An announcement of the short-listed design teams is planned for December 5, 2006.
* In January 2007, Stage II competitors will begin preparing detailed design submissions that must be submitted by February 16, 2007, followed by a presentation and public exhibition of final submissions.
* Final design submissions will then be evaluated by the Competition Jury meeting in early March 2007 to select the winning design submission and team.
* The winning finalist and the runners-up will be announced on March 8, 2007.

Click here for every detail and latest updates of the competition.

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