Monday 14 December 2009

Where are the urban designers contribution to Google Earth?! Do something for at least "Model Your Town Competition"

on Monday 14 December 2009 - 19:44:28 | by admin
Google earth 3d buet campus area dhaka
BUET Campus area in Google Earth with 3d Buildings Layer

Architects and urban designers will always give heartiest thanks to Google for making something like Google Earth so accessible to everyone. It helps us in hundreds of ways! And in that endeavor of Google taking over @Last Softwares's Sketchup was another game changing and immensely helpful venture for designers and planners.
Whatever development we may think about a city or a region firstly we will need a lot of data on the existing infrastructure and the social activity pattern. Most of the data and the layers in Google Earth are contributed by the users from around the world. Where are the urban designers and architects? We see no 'layers' on urban design or future planning of cities in Google Earth or anywhere (if there's any I'm sorry I never heard of).
The exact model of current infrastructure and social activity situations is inevitably necessary. Specially in the developing nations these data could save huge time and efforts for urban design. We need the models of 'fastest growing poorest cities' (like Dhaka, Delhi, Mumbai, Lagos...). We need the existing model and our future planning layers on it. Architects and urban designers should start working in these stuffs to help Google Earth become a better tool for urban designers and planners.

By the way Google Sketchup calls for a competition entitled "Model Your Town Competition". Think of making some groups and start making model of your cities... it would be an amazing contribution to everyone whether someone wins the competition or not. CLICK HERE to join in or get information about this competition from this page. Deadline of submission is March 1, 2010.

Architype Review is taking submission and nominations

on Monday 14 December 2009 - 18:32:29 | by admin
Architype Review logoArchitype Review tries to focus on the different building types around the world and developing a categoriesd database of building type. They take submissions and nominations review them and publish them in their all sorts of publication systems. Architype is now still open for the submission for their next reviewing (complete projects).
Architects may submit their projects that match with the asking building typologies. The deadlines are different for different building types and may change. So keep looking at their website for latest updates. At this time they are taking these categories:
Industrial by December 17, 2009
Health Care by January 25, 2010
Schools by February 1, 2010
Pure Innovation Please submit at any time innovative projects you feel are worthy of consideration for publication in Architype Review.

So those who are willing to see their projects in publications may jump in to submit. There's no submission fees by the way.

Tuesday 03 November 2009

Painting Exhibition of Architecture Students of different Schools in Dhaka

on Tuesday 03 November 2009 - 09:50:04 | by admin
Architist exhiition of art work by architects and students in DhakaOverview
The self titled exhibition “architist” will contain mixed media works of students of architecture. The architecture students are from different well known private universities BRAC University, State University of Bangladesh North South University and The University of Asia Pacific who have gathered and produced works based on their individual themes and ideas.

The exhibition will be held on 12th-16th of November 2009, at well known Drik Gallery sponsored by DELVISTAA Foundation. Professor Hamiduzzaman Khan, Chairman of Sculpture Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University and Shanoor Wahid, Editor of Star Campus are invited as pecial guests.

The bodies of work will try to explore the idea of Art through the eyes of each individual. Is it just about the use of colours and bold brush strokes? Or is it more subtle and gentle. It may answer the question does art and architecture walk hand in hand? Or do they follow completely different paths. Criticisms will be noted down from respected Architects as well as Artists. [Submitted by salzar]

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