“Biodiversity in Focus” Photography Competition

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Biodiversity Bangladesh photographyUnited Nations declared 2010 as the Year of Biodiversity. On this occasion UNDP, Bangladesh Government and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) jointly organize a photography competition titled “Biodiversity in Focus”. The competition is open to students, armature and professional photographers residing in Bangladesh.
Since all the architects are more or less photographers, we gladly promote this competition among ArchSociety members.
The submission is online via email, there is no registration fees. The deadline of submission is midnight Thursday 6 May 2010.

About the theme: The photographs should talk about a story showing the rich biodiversity of Bangladesh (plants or animals). Photos are supposed to concentrate more on the message of conserving biodiversity in Bangladesh than just aesthetics or technical excellence. Photographs may be submitted in 5 different categories:
1. Nature in the urban landscape
2. Ecosystems under threat (degradation)
3. Human interface with nature (livelihoods)
4. Diversity of life under a changing climate
5. Emerging initiatives to conserve nature

A panel of professional photographers will judge the winning photos. In each category there will be one Professional and one Amateur prize winner.
Participants are to send their entries along with the filled up registration form to info.bangladesh©iucn.org within the deadline.
Images must be less than 5MB in size and with at least 200DpI resolution and may be either B/W or color.
To download the registration form Click HERE.
For more details visit: Competition Site.

[This news is published after notification, permission from IUCN Bangladesh, The image used at the top left corner has been collected from This Page owned by M.S. Raunak, and the image is not meant to be an example of a competition entry anyway. I couldn’t find the name of photographer of the photo; any claim of copyright will be honored by removal/credit]
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