Help our Orgho Vottacharjo..

on Sunday 27 August 2006 - 14:47:52 | by admin
One of our friend Orgho vottacharjo, who is now in 2nd year in the department of Architecture in BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology)..... His mother is seriously ill and suffering in cancer. Her breast cancer is now also affecting her brain. An operation is needed immediately. But...

It will take around 20,00,000 Taka ($ 28,572 USD) for her treatment. In this situation it is very tough for their family to manage this big amount within a short time.
We call for economical help from everyone of this community. Let help a friend... save his mom from a certain claw of death.
Orgho is also a part of the global architecture community, he is our brother... his mom is like our mom.... please help them according to your ability.....

Contact Numbers: +8801717765796 or +880185007774
Send monetery help to this bank account:
Account number: 5410 of Pubali bank ltd(Laboratory road branch), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

For any query please call to:
KUSHOL (2:2): +880152385118
RAJIB (2:2):+8801199440 094
BADHON (1:1): +8801716400389
TAKI (1:1): +8801717103626
RIFAT (1:1):+8801916615 66

(archsociety news desk, reported by: aliza)
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