ARCASIA Becomes Biggest Gathering of Architects in Asia...

on Thursday 28 September 2006 - 18:31:06 | by admin
From the September 19th to 22nd ARCASIA conference of architects forum and Student Jamboree held at Beijing in different venues.
Architects forum meetings held generally in the Asia Hotel in the center of Beijing. Main events of Students Jamboree were in the Tsinhua University campus.
This ARCASIA meeting has become the largest gathering of architects and architecture students ever held within the Asian member institutes. And the participation from Bangladesh this time was the largest participation from any country ever.
Although the communication problem with the organizers was a major issue at the beginning of the conference. Communicating in English for the Chinese people is always a big trouble. For this reason different teams from different countries faced some silly misunderstandings and mismanagement at the beginning. But the student volunteers tried heart and should to help everyone. From receiving the students and architects to settle them in their accomodation, taking them to conference venue etc. they did all these things responsibly.
Another trouble was food! CSA (Chinese Society of Architects, organizer of the event) could arrange some international cuisine for the delegates. But they threw everyone to buffet of 100% Chinese foods with chop sticks!

In the friendship night, in cultural event competition Bangladesh and China jointly won first, India, Philippines won second. The president of ARCASIA herself hosted and anchored the friendship night on stage in the Summer Palace of Beijing. That was the most enjoyable part of Beijing ARCASIA Jamboree.
Detail news updates with photos are coming soon
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