On a Master Architect’s Birthday

on Monday 25 December 2006 - 21:56:10 | by admin
Yesterday it was the birthday of a master architect…
Who can say the name? People of architecture community from the Indian subcontinent should have the answer first.
He is the modern master Architect Muzharul Islam. It was his 83rd birthday. Archsociety gives a respectful salute to this living legend on this day.
It was a memorable event arranged by IAB (Institute of Architects Bangladesh) on his 80th birthday. It was held at Bakultala (বকুলতলা) of the Fine Arts Institute of Dhaka University.
Muzharul Islam Archsociety
In that event I felt … how much respect a man can get in his lifetime!
Muzharul Islam is respected not just for his architecture. He is a role model of being an ‘enlightened human being’ to many of us. People who know him can understand Muzharul Islam is the idol of politeness. How polite and honest a man can be Muzharul Islam is the example.
His patriotism, political consciousness and political activities make him more enthusiastic in his way of making honest architecture for humanity.

Professor Shamsul Wares once asked him in an interview “What is your advice for the young and future generation of architects?” Muzharul Islam replied:
“The artistic qualities are essence of architecture. The practical aspects of architecture are measurable – such as, the practical requirements, climatic judgments, the advantages and limitations of the site etc. – but the humanistic aspects are not measurable. This depends on the talent, sensitivity and creativity of the architect. Only some bookish knowledge is not a sufficient tool in this regard. One has to be creative. One has to love his own land, its people and its culture and think profoundly about these. The love of ones own land is the eternal source of creative power, which in turn, makes a proper architect.”

To know more about Muzharul Islam’s life and his work visit to
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