Winning Designs Published : House of Arts and Culture, Lebanon

on Monday 06 April 2009 - 10:04:17 | by admin
1st prize winning project | House of arts and culture Lebanon Competition
It is said that the design competition of the House of Arts and Culture of Beirut Lebanon is somewhat the largest design competition of the year! And of course it’s really exciting to see the winning designs to realize how they won, what special they did!
And yes there’s a lot to learn from the designs as well.
Here you can download all the winning projects
| Report of the Jury |
1st Prize | 2nd Prize | 3rd Prize
For detail information and special mention projects

1st prize winning project | House of Arts & Culture Lebanon Competition

[Images: 1st Prize winning project by Architect Alberto Catalano of Milan, Italy, Image courtesy: House of Arts and Culture Lebanon Competition website]
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