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Jalal Ahmed: Scholastica School Posted on 20 Feb : 11:54 (content)
I am a student fo Architecture in 2nd year at CIIT, Islamabad. Being as a student my views might not matter to you much as my level of critique will not be that of a professional architect. Yet I like your work and believe that you ahev done a beautiful design with an interplay of light and other elements of design like spacing and functionality.

Best of luck to you.


Omer Shujat Bhatti 
Seminar: City and Water- Dhaka/Berlin: Call for entries Posted on 19 Jan : 00:19 (news)

I am Omer Shujat from Islamabad Pakistan.

I am a student of 2nd year. Just want to know that can i take part in this competition as well?

Kindly reply me to let me know at the email....


Take care...