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Lots of Stupid Questions, but important for me
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Mon Nov 20 2006, 02:34pm
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: Dhaka
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They will be same.
But your left drawing's hatches will obviously be darker than the right one.
As the left one's surface is nearer to the viewer than the right one's.

Your drawings are confusing. You have not drawn plans of 3d object. If you would... then there would be another difference in elevation, that is your left elevation would have no edge at it's left and right... but your right elevation would have sharp and dark edge at both side, if you draw it as a 3d hollow half cylindrical object.
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Mon Nov 20 2006, 02:40pm
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: Dhaka
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oh! now got the answer.
7. how to draw cylinder or circle's axonometric/
8. I have seen some plan where has shadow and they looks like axonometric. how can i draw that?
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Wed Nov 22 2006, 09:16pm
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: Dhaka
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I can’t remember the process properly now.
I have to sit for drawing an axonometry of cylinder on table. Only then I can remember the process.
Sorry dear, I’m out of my studio n drafting table… I’m now on computer! I’ll be on table probably from the next week. I’ll answer you then.

Edited Wed Nov 22 2006, 09:49pm
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Mon Sep 03 2007, 07:16pm
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: gulshan, dhaka
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u r right himel, both are same. But think,
    If u apply both of these u cant do it. Generally
the second one is impossible for its paper thickness. A column can be defined by first drawing. but u cant
define a hollow colum without its thickness using second technic . Nothing can be thicknessless in architecture.
Better notice the drawing below. when u use this thickness on its two side it will clearify itself.

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Thu Jun 03 2021, 09:48am
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pot on


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Sun Aug 22 2021, 01:21pm
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: YJ
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