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how to become proffessional graphics designer?
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Mon Feb 26 2007, 11:34am
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: Dhaka
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no time brother. i was sick last 9 days and tommorrow is my 2nd preli. and u know the form of my design is very clumsy. I will definitlely come. It may be possible in thursday to saturday, cause we dont have class. so we have to show large improvements in sunday.

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Sun Mar 11 2007, 10:18pm
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: Dhaka
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This is a good try Himel. Congrats.
Try placing the 'Organic Design' and your contact number aligned to the paragraph above it in same font and size, you may highlight just by making them bold.
It seems it gets a bit clumsy, anyway the background is nice.
Rev it up... Best of luck.
I'll knock you if I get any graphics job which can be delegated. Best of luck.
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Mon Jan 31 2022, 08:02am
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: Bethany delaware
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Years of training and experience
portland storage sheds

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Thu Sep 01 2022, 10:34am
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Really excited to do this next year, been reading a lot of articles to make sure i dont miss out anything
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