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Sat Mar 31 2007, 03:30pm
Admin Registered Member #4 Joined: Thu Aug 04 2005, 04:54am
: Dhaka
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etipuf wrote ...
aaa im a favorite (flattered)
favorite snack: eti Puf
coconut flavored
Hey Duygu, did you picked your nick 'etipuf' from these biscuits?idea.png amazed.png
Yes you know it, you are one my favories too smile.png Edited Sat Mar 31 2007, 03:32pm
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Sat Mar 31 2007, 08:14pm
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: istanbul
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obviously:) eti is the brand name and puf is the product, a word used to describe soft things
ps. even more flattered
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Sun Apr 01 2007, 01:17pm
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: dhaka
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thankz nirghum bhaia(being a favourite is niceamazed.png,really nice) my favourite..ofcourse nirghum bhaia,neo bhaia from archsociety and from other things.....i like bristi(rain),i like colours...i like chocolate ,i like "jal muri" and lots of things..... Edited Sun Apr 01 2007, 01:20pm
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Sun Apr 01 2007, 05:47pm
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: Dhaka
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My favourite is ARCHITECTURE

BLUE is my favourite color
I love Mr.bean,Tom & Jerry very much
I love waching movies-hindi,english
I love music (English,Hindi-GAJAL-Some movies song,Rabindro song & Instrumental)
Fuchka,Lassi,Halim,Kachchi Biriyani etc......... i love to eat.........
I love photographi but i am a very bad photographar.
I like simplicity.........And i am simple.
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Sun Apr 01 2007, 06:04pm
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: Dhaka
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Some photographs taken by me

Some kids they stole some foods from a picnic spot it is near maymansigh.

Edited Sun Apr 01 2007, 06:33pm
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Fri Apr 06 2007, 03:31am
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i love films
my favourite.......
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Fri Apr 06 2007, 04:05am
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: Dhaka
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love this women.....

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Sat Apr 07 2007, 03:40am
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: bits N bites
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rare pick himel.
she was sharp looking. does she looks like your girlfriend?
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