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Tue Apr 10 2007, 02:18pm Print
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hello everybody
i've already introduced an upcoming "talent hunt"
where one has to submit a 5 min film on the topic


before your understanding,
lets see what the "talent hunt committee" refers to
pls dont forget to reply.......

The Fine Line in Art - The regions of Asia have a long-standing history of architecture, painting, sculpture, textiles and ceramics amongst other fine arts. Simultaneously popular art has also existed as folklore, mythologies and legends. However the commodified production and consumption of culture in the post industrial world, through advertising, television, radio, film, comics, books and in more recent years video / computer games and internet have blurred the boundaries between the fine and the popular in Art. It is this crossroads of the arts we want reflected in your five minute films! It could be your experience of the complex and constantly changing visual and the aural landscape. Your films can explore any genre - funny, sad, grim, ponderous. They can be fiction or documentary or even experimental. Edited Wed Apr 11 2007, 02:25pm
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Tue Apr 10 2007, 04:03pm
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Actually i didn't understand the topic properly. What is your plan? are u making a documentary or film? who will work with u?
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Wed Apr 11 2007, 07:25am
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i haven't decided yet
first of all i want to be very clear with the topic
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Wed Apr 11 2007, 06:11pm
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You can think of the topic in a different way.
'Fine Line in Art' may not be a representation of other art media's 'fine lines'!
A 5 minutes movie can become an 'example' of the fine line in art. Film making is definitely one of the richest and toughest art medias (like architecture). The DISUM DISUM of Bangla movie and the small details of a movie like 'Sent of the Green Papaya' defines the 'fineness' of art in movies.

The fine line is archived by the 'details'. Yes even in architecture as Meis Van Der Roh says 'God lives in detail'. It is true in every art media ...' the fine line lives in detail'

The topic may be asking for making a small movie which touches the fine line of art. Which shows the ultimate play of details through the celluloid of films.
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Wed Apr 11 2007, 07:55pm
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: Shiddeshwari
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I agree with NEO about the 'detail' topic. The thing is cinema is the youngest art form.Thats why cinema can take help from other art forms and details.with the details of image and sound one can made a cinema.However, I think the 'talent campus' authority need the actual expression of the meeting point of serious and popular art. We have to see this meeting point from general point of view. Otherwise we will make ourselves traditionalists with one sided visualisation. Can you compare serious and popular style in our trendy so called bengali fotuas or sarees or panjabees designned by young designers? It will take time for us.
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Mon Jan 31 2022, 07:52am
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Talent show
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Thu Sep 01 2022, 10:35am
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Really excited to do this next year, been reading a lot of articles to make sure i dont miss out anything
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Thu Nov 10 2022, 11:50am
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