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Fri Apr 25 2008, 07:10pm
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: istanbul
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actually no, im just pretty much interested in -anything- and have people around me who are into such things
+im very much concerned about my privacy and google has mysterious ways of bringing up these ads, i just wondered how that happens and read about it. i mean, why not research when its easy to learn about anything online
publish your link when you get your blog up himel, sounds like something we could all use:)
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Sat Apr 26 2008, 06:51pm
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: bits N bites
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be honest with your content,
speak only on what you have real interest in.
write things in your own word.
put relevant images when necessary.

market your content to real visitor.

this is the only way to achieve adsense success.
follow these simple steps.
and enjoy making some extra bucks.
and as long as you are on, writing you will keep getting
good feed back from adsense.
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Mon Aug 18 2008, 03:04pm
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: Dhaka
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i dont get relevant ads. how to do that?
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Thu Aug 21 2008, 08:49am
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: bits N bites
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stick to your topic. select some relevant keyword, and make news on them. your visitors will see relevant ad. ad are shown depending on the geographic location ofthe visitor. so the ads you are seeing here in dhaka, are not seen by the visitor from us or in india.

more over there have to have ads, os what you are making news. suppose your making news post on bangladeshi weather change, and there are no related ad on this topic, then you will see some other ads.

these all are little about ad relevancy. dont worry if its not very relevant to you, but some else from some other part of the world are seeing different ads, on the same page.
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