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need help about my project... A students' center
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ami tiptip bristi
Sat Apr 12 2008, 09:44am Print
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: bangladesh
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my project title is.. space design with logistic...
---------cafeteria,students union,common room,stationary,photostat--etc...all the facilities of stuudent... i had to choose a concept about the project... & my concept is " control of indepence" here .. i am going to work with dynamic forms which ll be stable enough...

now .. dynamic form is like trangle shaped but ..sir tells me to gather all the functions under the one roof.. but i cant arrange them well...

i choose dynamic form for its motion has an independency like an kite... and the limitations will be a barrier.. which ll be the control of our over independency...

but i cant arrange the total form with its function...
Do you anybody have a better idea ..or any help about the development of this idea????
plz help as soon as possible...
Edited Mon Apr 14 2008, 09:20pm
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ami tiptip bristi
Sat Apr 12 2008, 09:47am
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: bangladesh
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pyramid shape actually but i have to fragment this like independency
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Sat Apr 12 2008, 01:49pm
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: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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there are many ways to work on an idea.
first it is to be determined that which process you are going to follow.

3#both at the same time

ok I'll come back to you later.

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Mon Apr 14 2008, 04:31am
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: Philadelphia
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refrain from starting your project by establishing an immediate formal position, focusing instead on the concept you've established, that of "control of independence". first of all, what is this 'control'? does the individual define his or her own level, or is it a condition derived from someone else's perspective? the term 'control' by definition refers to a set of parameteres and limitations. what are these conditions, and how can they be expressed architecturally? secondly, define the term 'independence' and its constituents. the refinement of your concept must be analogous to the development of your programme, and the two need to be considered simultaneously in order to clarify the ways in which your building will take shape.

dynamism relies less on form than on ways people move through and experience space. light is an essential quality, as is structure and programme. finding ways of linking these into a seamless expression will cause you to rethink your initial position and help you create spaces (and by extension forms) that will clearly express you concept. good luck!
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Mon Apr 14 2008, 09:19pm
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: Dhaka
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As Naquib explained, start your work from the 'key words' of your concept. Go to the root of those phrases and start your thought process form zero. That thought process will help you to 'generate' the most relevant shape of your building. Don't just 'take' a form before you start thinking profoundly.

In my way... the best process is to think of the betterment and ease of the users should get first priority. Put some innovative ideas which will give the students some 'positive inspirations', better spaces to gather and share their knowledge, better accommodations for their different activities.... etc. You may start thinking from these issues, the form of the building will generate to host these ideas in it. Otherwise in most cases building form doesn't mean anything to the users unless it gives them something good mentally or physically.

Suppose you may start your design from a section.. which allows different activities of students in different levels.. creating some visually and spatially connected spaces to inspire their communal and sharing activities. Your building form then will be 'evolved' from this sketch and the form is never predefined (as you were thinking of 'a pyramid' before you start). The form may be anything... which will best host your practical ideas in reality, which will help the students, that will be your form.
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Tue Apr 15 2008, 05:23pm
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i know your project title
i also know what you are trying
but can you tell me what are you designing?
what is it?
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Wed Feb 06 2019, 10:19pm
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Thu Feb 07 2019, 05:56pm
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