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what can be the ideal song night before submission?
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Thu Feb 08 2007, 10:21am
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: isa town,Kingdom Of BAHRAIN
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u know the days b4 submission i go over all of ma cd's then i memorize the songs on the radio!i even know what kind of music they put in any time of the day!and because of the none stop work and and no sleeping for two or three days i have to listen to something that wakes me up and open my eyes beside the COFFE TANK next to me
b3 submission mostly beyoncee coz i love that gurl!
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Thu Feb 08 2007, 12:52pm
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hey c'mon archikins
i aint a regular designer
i work only before the jury nights
but i do know something 'bout da jury music...

here r some goooood......... advices
but c'mon dude.....
dont try this at home

listen to the melodiOus awaaz of
"WAAAZ ENSEMBLES"......... by USTAD MOULANA SAYEEDI (dont mix him up with UAP'S SAYEED!!!)

u can also try some cooool & groooovy PAGAN RECITALS.... they mostly sound GA GA .. GI GI >> GU GU ..
or ugr mr mrr nrr churrrr rirrpp prip ri ri dhr dhr ng ng xz xz
which certainly calms your mind & prepare yourself for the upcoming FIGHT(kopa shamsuuuuu!)

when working at the sketchy level........
u should check out da commercials
they are full of brilliant.... imaginative..architypes

rethinking skyscrapers..........???
museums...restaurants.... residences....offices..... toilets.....accessories
i will find everything
once i designed a CLINIC just after watching ATN BANGLA LAGATAAR HALF AN HOUR COMMERCIALS
eventually most of da designs were evolved in this manner

dats all for now dudes
u deSIGN
i reSIGN
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Thu Feb 08 2007, 07:44pm
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: Dhaka
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quite weird.
but humorous indeed.

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Mon Jan 31 2022, 08:10am
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: Bethany delaware
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Different taste and preferences
shed builder des moines

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Thu Sep 01 2022, 10:34am
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: davao
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Really excited to do this next year, been reading a lot of articles to make sure i dont miss out anything
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