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Controversy of Ego of Architect and the Truth
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Tue Apr 08 2008, 06:23pm
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: bits N bites
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the best is yet cox bazar. though cox bazar and sundar bon is out of the race of seven natural wonders of the earth. they found no committee to hold the competition authority from Bangladesh.

i think architects are the authority to take charge of nature, best keep the nature and natural climate.IAB could do thing.

dont worry you are not architect yet. you are just graduate. let 2 years pass. then you can think of architecture.
Edited Tue Apr 08 2008, 06:29pm
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Wed Apr 09 2008, 02:24pm
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i m just adding to the point ,
what are the resposibilities as an architect , we should have, the thing that really strikes to me what we are taught and what is being done in actual practice there is a remarkable difference between these two, the moral values ethics , that are supposed to be follow during our studies, are totally changed in actual pratice, there is a drastic change, all of sudden, we are exposed to an envoinment that has marked contrast ,
this is the thing has hurt,, and sometime, rather most of the time i feel my self in chaotic condition,,
then i have to accept this reality that this is the thing that i have to face, and try to improve it as much as my self is concerned.
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Wed Apr 16 2008, 05:31am
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: bits N bites
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you are right, abera,
i have seen many girls and guys think that the academy is all. it certainly not that. the academy or theory is really theory. its not practical.
its easier if a student keep this truth in mind, that academy is for learning the theory which have got very less to do with in practical implementation of architecture. what you deal in class room is the history of architecture. all those great works that been made.
where in practical you will make things for future.
now what is good or perfect for future no one knows, in advance. even not the best teacher in your college/school. so its always best that you take the academy just to learn. and be prepared for real future.
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Fri Apr 25 2008, 09:17pm
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: Dhaka
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However at the point of ethics and ones own principles its often very tough to deal with this situation.
And in that point most often if you are very honest and ethical in profession you'll be losing some 'money' which could easily come to your empty pockets.

I prefer not to let the money in my pockets which requires something beyond my principles. Don't know how long I'll able to keep it uncompromising... I'm going to try my best.

By the way, Nirghum, its not just the theories we learn, we also have design studios where we practice to design something for some (virtually) real scenarios. Where we learn to design for the people, for the betterment of the living environment of present, for a better experience in the cities.
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Sun Jun 22 2008, 01:38pm
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Yap now it seems 'Time is money' ha haha haa
When I have time i'm spending it over chatting or facebook. And when i don't have time then most probably i'm rushing into the project submissions!
I'm getting some commission of my own now. And amazingly, pathetically i'm not changed at all. The way I was doing in school's design studio I'm acting the same even now... sleeping, movieing, roaming, chatting... then at the 11th hour thinking.. what the hell I have run out of time!
Thats how its still going on.
Few days ago my boss Nurur Rahman Khan advised me for long time about how my attitude towards architecture should change now. He said... 'its now or never. if you can adopt the attitude now then its done. However never expect that you'll be matured in a long run... no, its not like that if you really can do something you have to do it right now, you have to adopt the proactive attitude 'now', you have to prove yourself 'now'. Look at us (me n Tanya Karim) we snatched our positions in architecture when we were students or just within few years after passing out. Don't think we are here after a long run. So change yourself... its now or never. you are running out of time..."
yeah time time time.... i have no time. time is 'life'. Edited Sun Jun 22 2008, 01:43pm
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ami tiptip bristi
Sat Jun 28 2008, 03:20am
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Mon Jan 31 2022, 07:07am
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: Bethany delaware
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Balance it out if you can

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