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Sun Feb 11 2007, 07:42pm
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: bits N bites
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Well I like to be focused on future. So I never actually thought much about what happened in past. Rather I put much of my attention to find out what can be done for the future.
Now let us take a situation, when jmb has got the guts to blast out bomb in all over the country, do we have the guts to prevent them, from doing it.
They are courageous , are we as courageous as them. They can walk long distance, run hide, through things, hide and most important is they are ready to die for what they want.

Now we want a new bright Bangladesh. Are we ready to die for the dream. If you are not ready to die for your dream, you are less powerful comparing them. I don’t think most of us are ready to die for the betterment. And that’s why its not happening. We should learn to plan and execution of that plan and we should learn to be ready to face death for the plan, then we only can expect some thing new. Or else those who are more prepared they will win. That’s as true as anything. Observing present situation I think the positive thinker youth are less prepared than jmb. So there is a chance that jmb will be successful in what they want to do.
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Mon Feb 12 2007, 11:32am
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well, i think jmb's boss are not ready to die. Those who r dieing for jmb are bekubs. They die to go to heaven, but they are surely going to hell.

Suppose you are very rich man in bd. You have everyghing you wanted before. Now you bought a good racing car. But u can't drive the car into the road, cause there are traffique jam everywhere.

I think The main problem of bd is education. In every steps we are being corrupted. We gealous. We try to defeat each other. Socrates said " we are benefitted by our neighbours." Suppose your neighbour is rich. He or she can help u when u r in trouble. or if he cook rich dish he can send u to taste them. But for gelousy we dont want to have neighbour who r rich or greater than us. In our Architecture department we dont like to see that other students are doing well. If any student do good performance and have done good work in competition or anything, we jealous. But we dont think he is increasing our universities reputation and it is also helping us indirectly.

so we should leave bad things and work hard together.
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Tue Feb 13 2007, 11:39am
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thats right...
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Wed Feb 14 2007, 04:42am
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what do you think Dr. Yunus is going to take part in direct politics?

if he come do you think you will join with him? or let me say it in general that do you think he can involve some good fresh blood to politics.

i think it will go like this. he will come to direct politics and many fair people will follow him. but im really worried that he can go far.

as dr. kamal hossain tried to practice fair politics but he couldn’t take it to far.

but you architect people should get involved with architect. as you are leader, or best friend of leader. in history architects were sitting beside the emperor. now you shouldn’t get far from that sit.

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Wed Feb 14 2007, 02:55pm
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so what is you plan?
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Fri Feb 16 2007, 12:08am
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Here is the later from Dr. M. Yunus towards the citizen of the country:
wrote ...
My personal letter to you
Dear citizen,
I am writing this letter to you with the hope of receiving a personal
reply from you. You might
have noticed in what situation many people requested me to join
politics and why I had to consider
it with utmost importance. I, like you, witnessed where our political
culture has brought the
country and how it attempted to destroy the country's future
possibilities. The way the present
caretaker government is trying to create an acceptable atmosphere by
carrying out necessary
reforms has made me optimistic along with all citizens of the country.
In this situation, I feel
it with my heart that I should, showing due respect to the people's
expectation of me, participate
in the mission of taking the nation to the height it deserves. It is
now clear to all that it is
not possible to reach the goal maintaining the existing political
culture; it is only possible by
bringing a comprehensive change to the culture. Through my work and
experience, I feel with all my
heart that the people with their innate sense of endeavour and
creativity can achieve the
impossible if political goodwill, competent leadership and good
governance can be established. If
I have to form a political party in response to the people's desire, it
will be dedicated to this
very objective.
I have received pure love and respect from people of all ages ranging
from the poorest to the most
powerful, I do not know when again a Bangladeshi individual will have
this good fortune. By the
grace of Allah, I am a very fortunate man. There is nothing left for me
to desire. I know that
joining politics is to become controversial. I am ready to take the
risk if you think me joining
politics will help in ushering of a new political climate.
It is high time to form the proper political structure conducive to the
huge task of building a
Bangladesh we all dream of, by freeing ourselves from all past
frustrations. I need the active
participation and assistance of you and all others like you if I have
to go forward with this
mission. I need your advice on how I should go forward. I also want to
know how you want to
participate and assist in this task. The efforts of you and me to
realise everybody's desire for a
new politics in order to build a new Bangladesh will get strength if
these can be learnt from you
in the form of a letter.
You can give your advice in your own style on any topic regarding the
formation of a new political
party. I can point out some topics as examples: a) how the party can
stay involved with the people
of all villages and neighbourhoods and work to realise their
expectations; b) how the party can be
helpful to the common people in their daily struggle and in solving
their problems; c) how the
organisations of the party can be built on the basis of spontaneous
devotion of men and women of
all ages and professions; d) what can be done to encourage the eager,
enthusiastic, honest and
competent people of all levels to align with the party and to become
active in it; e) how the
honest and competent among them, having public support, can be
nominated for different local and
national elections; f) how can we ensure transparency and honesty of
all the people involved with
the party, and of the party itself; g) how democracy can be established
within the party; h) how
can the flow of opinions directly from the grassroots level be ensured;
and i) how the officials
and employees serving in state institutions can be prevented from
turning into activists of
political parties -- your thoughts and advice on many such questions
are vital.
At the same time, it is important to know what role you (and your
friends) can play in the party,
how you can actively contribute or support, is also very important to
know. For example, you can
play the role: a) of a member of a village or neighbourhood-level
organisation; b) of a pioneer of
the party's welfare initiatives; c) of a local organiser; d) of an
organiser of a community
organisation; e) of an activist taking party calls widely among the
people; f) of an
adviserresearchertheoretician for the party; g) you can contribute to
the party by using your
special skills or expert knowledge in its service; h) by taking a
leadership role in popularising
the party as an enthusiastic supporter; i) by demonstrating your
organising power; and so on.
I want to know your opinion and get your advice whether you are a
political leader, activist,
leader or worker of an association or organisation, industrialist,
businessman, professor,
teacher, shopkeeper, farmer, labourer, artist-writer-thinker,
professional, journalist, service
holder, housewife, teenager, youth or an expatriate Bangladeshi.
Please write a short or detail personal reply to my letter. Your
friends, all members of your
family, neighbours, classmates and colleagues can also put in their
thoughts in the same letter.
You can reply through email and distribute copies of it among all your
acquaintances. You can also
send a short reply through SMS and encourage all your acquaintances to
do the same. You can send
copies of my letter to your relatives and friends abroad and encourage
them to reply. It will not
be possible to come out clean from old politics if a strong momentum
for a new politics is not
created. We will not be able to reach our goal with feeble support.
I hope my letter and your reply to it will only be the beginning of our
sincere communication. The
communication established will be able to go forward actively towards a
common goal from now on.
You can use my following address to send your reply or may arrange to
send it to me in any other
Contact Address:
Dr Muhammad Yunus
HAL Mars
6/D, 66 Outer Circular Road
Moghbazar, Dhaka 1217
Fax: 9334656
Email: prof.yunus@..., dryunus2006@...
You can call the following numbers for inquiries about the letter:
01713082277, 01717760870
Waiting for your reply.
With thanks and greetings,
Muhammad Yunus
February 11, 2007
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Fri Feb 16 2007, 06:48am
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: bits N bites
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According to me he will join in direct politics, and he will make his common govt. concept in reality. That is govt. formed by two parties. Prime minister from the wining party and assistant prime minister will be from the opposition party.
I haven’t yet made up my mind though, to join with him. Actually I was planning to join LDP. Now I am confused. watching the moves closely.
With the help of armed forces, the initiatives taken by present caretaker govt. are quite courageous and unusual.

Before this to name I can recall only Ershad chacha who have been caught and punished for his corrupted activities. Other than he every one thoughts that there would be no action whatever you do, if you are a minister or MP. But from now onward I think whoever may be the person before taking any wrong decision, one will think twice. So a hint of reform and change in scenario already taken place. we want this atmosphere to be permanent.
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silent dark
Fri Feb 16 2007, 07:31am
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May be you people think that I try to be over smart But I really mean it IN our country there no political team who's can make a true Bangladesh.. every politician in Bangladesh sick.. I think Dr.Yunus must join the politics and he will do same things which I seen from childhood. I am coward so I can't join politics.
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