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Quantum Method: Anybody have experience?
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Sun Feb 04 2007, 01:23pm Print
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: Dhaka
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today one of my senior friend told me that quantum method is very good for meditation. Hes has done this 3 days course. And he suggest me to do the course to imporve consentration. Anyone have any experience?
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Mon Feb 05 2007, 12:49pm
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: Dhaka
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Hmm often meditation becomes mandatory for artists!
It really works.
Hmm, I participated in their weekly group meditation programs in Rajshahi several times. And I liked it very much and tried to make it a habit.

Although in our home we talked about meditation staffs a lot when Nirghum was in Bangladesh. He firstly gave me the ideas. And he gave me the book by Shahid Al Bokhari (Mohajatak), that was really an awesome book.
As I know... Nirghum was practicing meditation before Quantum method came in town, and I think he's still doing it.
Expecting a post from Nirghum about this.....
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Munna Bhai Architect
Mon Feb 05 2007, 02:06pm
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Do u know about quantum physics? It says human have a power that controling events of daily life. Suppose you are too much poitive on a subject, subject will be happend. You may found in your life that, those who are very optimistics, they overcome the horrieble situation of their life though they were in very miserable condition. And those are passimistics they cant overcome difficulties. They always do " Ha Hutash". I heard that a man bended a still spoon by concentration. Once upon a time sun was moving around the earth. But now earth is moving around the sun. So what is supposed to be rumor now can be reality and science tommorrow.
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Mon Feb 05 2007, 09:01pm
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Shahid Al Bokhari (Mohajatak),

this name is beside me, as a friend, from my very child hood.

when i was in class 5. i used to read Daily horoscope. From that time I got to noticed this name. when I was in class 9 I gone thru the book quantum method first.
And 5 of 6 of our friend started practicing meditation, following his easy methods. And it helped me understand the power of meditation.

And then I managed to read his three more book. Those are chetona, ati chetona, moha chatona. another is on mind game Iching, and numerology “songkha tatto”
Thus I knew the existence of a very different world around us.

After reading all those book and practicing in practical life, I felt very glad. And personally I wrote a letter to him when I was in class 11, and the amazing fact that mohajatok himself in his own hand writing replied me that letter.

If I go down searching all my old diaries I may find the letter. As I thought of saving the letter for my life. As that one was a letter of inspiration.

As I practiced martial art I had chance to practice meditation with more practical manner. You know other than meditation you can perform quality martial art.

Himel go ahead for the good thing. Your world will be change. And I will change the way you want.
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Tue Feb 06 2007, 02:28am
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: Dhaka
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hmm, i think i have many similarities with u. I also wanted to learn martial art. but because of time i coudn't manage it. I believe in astrology but also believe that man can easily change his fortune, as he is not dependent on astrology. every saturday i wake up early and see online prothom-alo to see Kausar ahmeds " shaptahik rashifol". I have also interest to learn Numberology and astrology. Which horoscope r u? I am a taurus. I am trying to visit your office as soon as possible. I will call you for the appointment.
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Mon Jan 31 2022, 08:12am
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Take a break sometimes
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Thu Sep 01 2022, 10:34am
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: davao
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Really excited to do this next year, been reading a lot of articles to make sure i dont miss out anything
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