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Thesis: Philosophy of Corbusier
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Sat Feb 24 2007, 08:35am Print
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hi i m planning to do thesis on the philosophy of le corbusier,how his theories are integrating in our modern scenerio of karachi. le corbusiers five point of architecture are guidlines for othere architects too,hw his philosophies are integarting at that time of modernism and even today?wanna debat on it. whether these theories are apporiapiate in karachis context or not? for,this purpose need guidance? thanks Edited Sun Feb 25 2007, 07:30am
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Sat Feb 24 2007, 04:15pm
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welcome friend. first i would suggest you to perform some search on the topic you are doing your research.. you will get search option at the top right corner of the main page of our site. Notice that there are two option, one is to search inside the forum and other is web. I would like to suggest you to do both. I think many related information will be helpful for you. Beside that I hope our enthusiast members will take part in discussion with you soon.


Edited Sat Feb 24 2007, 04:39pm
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Sun Mar 11 2007, 09:58pm
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(I’m speaking from my point of view… and may be I’m wrong in my opinions or provided information.)

Le Corbusier is the greatest son of a time. He did extra perfect job during his contemporary time being.
It was the time when modernism was in it’s move in every art media. And while in architecture Corbusier definitely made the biggest contribution ever for the mankind.
To understand the ‘philosophy’ of Corbusier we have to understand his life, social and political background of that time.
The concepts of entire world was changing then. Mass people moved against autocracy and colonialism and were heading towards individualism, capitalism and democracy. And the affect of these movements knocked down the previous concepts of art. Art for mass people was coming up. In this move communists theories of Vladimir Lenin and Carl Marks gave a different kind of boost. That is… art for proletariats. All art will speak up for the mass people, even for the root proletariats.
And thus the basic concepts of modernism came up in architecture by the hands of Corbusier. Vladimir Lenin and Le Corbusier sat in the same table several times. Corbusier worked in Russia for more than 5 projects during the communists movement there. Corbusier directly tried to translate the aim and mottos of communism in architecture. And that’s how the pure easily understandable and universal geometry of architecture what we see in modern building evolved.

He was also influenced by the paintings of Pablo Picasso. They had also a good relation with each other on that time. We can feel in Corbu’s paintings also. Picasso was the man who made the world of art to ‘think different’ about forms. Corbusier often picked up those concepts and morphologies of seeing perspective of forms.

I’ll try to give a literature on Corbu’s life on my next post, which is written by one his collogues of his office… describing Corbusier’s daily life, his working and thinking process, his emotional attachment with projects etc.
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Mon Mar 12 2007, 09:19am
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thanks for ur ideas!!yuup the philosophy and society factor i m looking @ thz aspect also and apart from painting and art sirt of stuff my concern is basically to undersatnd the philosophy and vocablary of le corbusiers architecture......and its implementation worldwide in esp in context of pakistan,karchi.
5 modern principles of architecture(roof garden,free plan,free facade,horizontal windows,pilotis),domino system(6 free standing colums supporting slabs and fixed staircases),citrohen type(double height living room,wid kitchen,rooms),vertical appartements with community participation(@ marsellies),urban plannig projects(paln of chandigarh,villa radiues),sculptural form work(@ronchamp)how all these work and philosophy of these are now implimenting in present senario of world including pakistan
we just implementing his philosophy widout knw merits and demarting as context wise varies as in the case of chandigarh palnning!!!!so main concern regarding my thesis stuuff is about implementing his theories in our context!!!
nways thankss 4 ur idaes and do post me corbus life stuff thing.
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Sun Apr 24 2022, 06:10am
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Interesting post i love it keep posting more!
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Tue Apr 26 2022, 01:42pm
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thank you for this! really appreciate you doing this deck builders
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Mon May 09 2022, 07:35pm
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Wed May 11 2022, 09:40am
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