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Bangladesh In WorldCup Cricket 2007
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silent dark
Sun Mar 18 2007, 02:03pm
Registered Member #78 Joined: Tue Jul 18 2006, 05:42am
: Dhaka
Posts: 49
himel ,you acting like a just change your color now...I am sorry for witting are right we are emotional....And May be you forget what you write..

what do you want to mean by that TIGERS HUH JE NA CHEHARA NAM PEYARA".......

for this word you must have to sorry......

and mind it we must go second round and we will's not all about emotion it's true.......
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Sun Mar 18 2007, 02:22pm
Registered Member #466 Joined: Wed Feb 07 2007, 04:32pm
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wait a minute........................ i cant believe my eyes what's u'r problem himel dada...........! u know what everybody......................... u all have witnessed traitors of this decade in 1971............... a few BANGLADESHI went against their own country they said it was their right after our country fought freedom the traitors said...........ok fine .................................but this was unespected is unbelievable i find same tone and attitude of treachery in himels writtings we all know that ours ia a very poor country we dont have technology..... even a leader to lead all of us but that does not mean that ............ .............we wont support our country ........or we wont wish good luck for its own sake himel dada u are a traitor u even missinterpreted NATIONALITY,EMOTION & freedom u should be ashamed ............ooops i forgot RAJAKAARS NEVER DIE THEY CHANGE FACES
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Sun Mar 18 2007, 02:32pm
Registered Member #10 Joined: Thu Sep 01 2005, 09:20am
: Dhaka
Posts: 49
what's your problem himel.kocchop is right. keep your mind one way. plz no double minded. and you should say SORRY
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Sun Mar 18 2007, 03:21pm
Registered Member #294 Joined: Mon Oct 16 2006, 05:10pm
: Dhaka
Posts: 310
bangladesh jokhon prothom bishsho cup e gesilo tokhon o to amra onek asha korsilam. kintu pore to valo khellona. tai ekhon eto khushi hochhcen keno? india k haraise bole ki bishshocup peye gelo naki? india k haraise eta to valo kotha. amio khushi. jokhon aste aste baki khela gula jitbe tokhon aro khushi hoben. na hole pore kosto paben. shetai bolte chaisi. ami dimukhi vaab poshon kortesi eta bollen keno? amake ekhon jor kore rajakar er shathe tulona kortesen keno? ekhane apnara shobai asia pasific er. apnara shobai ek. apnara bollei to r ami kharap hoye jabona. amar kotha apnara bujhen nai. ami boltesi jitar age eto khushi hoya uchit na. dekha jabe hoito bermudar kachei bangladesh here gache. tokhon to afsos hobe khub. tachara ekta khelai jite eto khushi? second round e ki ekhono gachen? amar to mone hoi ekhono jai nai. amio to chai bangladesh bishshocup paak. ekhon ekta khelai bangladesh jitlo r amake josher shathe rajakar boltesen?

ami kotha gula banglai likhlam karon english e valo kore likhte partam na. misunderstanding hoye jachche. "jei na amar chehara......" eta to jitar age lekhsilam. jitar pore to r negetive kono comment korinai. amader deshe hobe shei chele kobe kothai na boro hoye kaje boro hobe. jedin jitbo shedin khushi hobo. age theke tiger tiger kore luv nai.
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Sun Mar 18 2007, 03:30pm
Registered Member #294 Joined: Mon Oct 16 2006, 05:10pm
: Dhaka
Posts: 310
i will say sorry for my comment when bangladesh will go to the semi final. and not to u. to bangladesh cricket team. who are u?
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Sun Mar 18 2007, 03:46pm
Admin Registered Member #4 Joined: Thu Aug 04 2005, 04:54am
: Dhaka
Posts: 666
Hey guys... cool coool.
Forget everything... just be happy that Bangladesh won the game.
Yeah it's a single game.. we can be cheerful for that. However there's a long way ahead to go...
Everyone wish Bangladeshi team a very best of luck for the next games.
That's the only thing we 'can' or we 'should' do.
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Sun Mar 18 2007, 03:50pm
Admin Registered Member #12 Joined: Sat Sep 17 2005, 01:22pm
: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Posts: 333

I wached the game [without a break]. and I enjoyed it.

36 1 11for_Bangladesh....

I agree with KOCCHOP , silent dark & Ashraf  and many others about "Himel"

and it is all about attitude....

he should say sorry for his comments[actually they were nonsence/scrap]

If he continuously writes these

Himel wrote ...

I also want that bangladesh will win the worldcup. i will not change my wish for my comments, for my ego. think big, but think carefully and dont confused ones comments with ones wish. i dont want tiger bum. shorisha oil is enough for a bangladeshi. if i massage a bottle of shorisha oil, i will become pisla. and u cant catch me. i will run away from u.

types of nonsence instead of saying the word "Sorry" ....

I demand [on behalf of the other members] him to be BANed

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Sun Mar 18 2007, 03:56pm
Main Admin Registered Member #1 Joined: Sun Jul 31 2005, 06:24am
: virtual architecture ..!
Posts: 172
Cheers for the winning of Bangladeshi team

Hey guys keep things in limit to 'fun' please don't make serious personal quarrel here.
Meema n Nirghum said things as a fun... that was ok. but later it seems it is turning towards a personal attack again. Please avoid personal attack and quarrels.
Please keep things in limit to friendly fun and information sharing. This is a friendly warning to everyone who were becoming over emotional. From next all attacking posts will be deleted and the user may face administrative actions against him/her.
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