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Fri Mar 23 2007, 08:06pm
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: istanbul
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first welcome:)
im curious about the exhibition too, i was around when they announced the contest and i really wondered what the event would be like
their website seems to be down and they havent e mailed me with any updates, how was it?
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Sat Mar 24 2007, 07:32pm
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: Dhaka
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welcome mehedi
i saw your photograph in the NSUPC International Photography Exhibition
it was really nice.........keep it up
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Mon Mar 26 2007, 06:34pm
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mehedi guru,
i saw your photo too
it was awesome
keep up the good work
& hey what are you doing in himel's house
are you two watching the cricket world cup together
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Tue Mar 27 2007, 11:24am
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: Dhaka
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i was suffering from diarrhea. so he was doing my kamlagiri. And epituf, i promised u to give u some picture of the event. But i was sick and i couldn't go to the event. I asked Mehedi for some pictures. he will try to manage some pics from his friends. i am really sorry.
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Tue Mar 27 2007, 02:33pm
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: Dhaka
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Himel sorry to hear about your illness.
Hope you are ok now.
Best of luck.
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Tue Mar 27 2007, 03:48pm
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: istanbul
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himel, nothing to be sorry about, thanks a lot for your concern:)
we say "gecmis olsun" in turkish but there is no match for that in english
its not like "get well soon" gecmis olsun means i hope the disease is gone and not to happen again.
why is the photography club's website down? you are from nsu right?
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