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need help for hotel design......
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Mon Aug 21 2006, 07:58am Print
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: kuala lumpur
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hey guys i vent got ny suggestion from others without neo for my hotel design....

nyways still want to ask for kelp...the thing is i m in biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig trouble with this design... its a hotel in an urban area in penang... n the main problems r keeping the same facade. n dont have space for drop of. so the drop off point is right on the street. cant get ny other ideas. dont know yyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
plssssssssss do help me. guys... thatnx a loooooooooot...........
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Mon Aug 21 2006, 11:42am
Admin Registered Member #4 Joined: Thu Aug 04 2005, 04:54am
: Dhaka
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Pori, on your next post please try to attach a small plan of your existing site (jpg format 450pixel width or CAD drawing) so that we can understand the real scenario.
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Thu Oct 05 2006, 02:48am
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: houston
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next time take some tiime to type clearly ..maybe iill be able to understand and help u out .. what exactly iis da problem ?
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Thu Oct 05 2006, 07:53am
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: bits N bites
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i think still our members are not seriously watn to have some constructive discussion, rather just express some feeling of frustration, which is very common to the architect student.
i ahve seen many thread asking help but not providing enough guide line and infomation about the project, so that other can really put some thought on the issue. may be its just sharing , waht pori is up to. well wish you best in your project. keep sharing. and please try to break the barrier of less info. put up some more info. so that other can realy help you.
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Sat Dec 16 2006, 06:30pm
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: chennai
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Hi poori,i just joined as a member in this .will tell u few tips.
* its semilar to a hospital design
* Concentrate more on servicess.
* try using fabric materials like teflon on facade as u see in burjal, hotel dubai.]
* If doubly loade corrider then put ur toilet blocks for every room in entry zone of the room it self, this helps in giving clear view for the outside to the room
* Triangular shape,Linear shape etc. are apt. but go along with ur site profile its more important.
*Have two service cores, one for guests, another for hotel services.
* Take a look at The architect's hand book,author-quentin pickard,riba.
* Some requirements like-
> dumbwaiter
> store room at each floor
> service at basement
> use more - sunlight etc.... that is pv cells
* i didnt what are drops. if u could tell me then i could help u

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Sun Dec 17 2006, 10:06am
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: Dhaka-1217
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Hi..dosto..can u pls explain it in details..about the project,ur conceots,ur parameters and ofcourse along with ur plans..ok? waiting..dosto..
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Sun Dec 17 2006, 06:37pm
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: chennai
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hi dan,

Few pnts fr hotel design:-
* there r conventional hotel-this will hv large conference rm,night club ,shopping-----55 to 65 m2 per room(approx)
* city centre hotel,resort hotel etc..... tell me whts urs

# Bedrooms --- say 25-30 m2
#Corridor, elevator,stairs-- say 3.5 m2 per room
#service area---- ducts,laundry dumbwaiters etc....

# lobby and circulation including guests elevator---
#reception,reservations office,clo
#coffe shop
#toilets,lounges,private dining and dining area.
#kitchen,maintanence,canteen fr staffs,lockers etc...
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Mon Dec 18 2006, 06:40pm
in most cases the hotel rooms are desgined on a module so that anytime more than two rooms can be converted into a suit, you can design them individually, but presidential suits are used hardly, so the normal rooms are converted at suits when needed.... pori apu cant help without knowing more anout ur program or site... as i learnt from a jury... the service entry must be seperated from main entry and should not be seen in anyway from lobby. designing fire fighting system, airconditioning systems are also very important
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