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Design of a Children's Organization Headquarter
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Thu May 31 2007, 07:59pm Print
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In the design studio 9 (the last semester we enrolled, which is 5th year 1st sem) we did a project named Kendria Kachi Kanchar Mela. Our studio teachers were Nabanita Islam and Shaila Joerder.
Kachi Kanchar Mela is the largest children’s organization in Bangladesh. In the existing site there’s a building already running as the headquarter of the organization.
We redesigned it according to the new programs and demands of the client thinking the site as a blank one. The site is a 250’ X 120’ rectangle in a dense urban cityscape of Dhaka.
Know more about the site from this thread: need help: Information about "kochi kachar mela"

What I did:
The program had some public amenities and the academic facilities for the children. Auditorium was a major function in the program which is also used as a rentable facility for public.
So I had to segregate the two kinds of functions, one for the children and others for the public. Auditorium is an opaque function to use for the segregation. I did just that. The site was tight regarding the volume of function and required free spaces. I placed the auditorium at the center and placed the children’s academic block at the northern side and rest of the (more or like) public functions like the exhibition space, library and administration at the southern part of the auditorium.
For structural soundness and to reduce the cost I placed nothing upon the auditorium mass at the center, so it turned to a terrace connecting the admin, library and exhibition block with the main academic block.
The project has two entries. Northern entry is for the children’s academic zone and southern one is for the auditorium and other public amenities. I designed an intimate scale entry for the children passing through an amphitheatre and terraced gardening, And a hollow tube with slides and stairs inside for the children. The tube connects the northern garden, the café at the 1st floor, the auditorium roof terrace and the painting studio as well. This tube may become the most enjoyable part of the building for the children.
Southern part is more likely designed with an urban public scale, followed by a small plaza, sitting area near a small water-body. A stair connects the space with the upper floors. There’s the grave of Rokonujjaman Khan Dada-bhai (the honorable founder of the organization) at the south east corner of the site. A pavilion is created over it and a light whole is created in all the floors to respect the memories of Dada-Bhai.

Jury panel's (actually Proff. Shamsul Wares alone!) comments:
“You got two roads at the both end of the site. Why didn’t you connect them? You rather completely segregated them apart! The ground floor required more transparency throughout.
Rests of the things are ok. As you have considered the climatic factors with solid surfaces in east-west and open at north-south. And you have also provided all other ‘spices’ for the children, these are good. But you could easily lift the auditorium to the upper part of the building and could create a large connecting open plaza under it…. Something like the HSBC Building in Hong Kong by Norman Foster. Your basic problem is, you become satisfied of what you did, and you don’t work on and on and develop a design. You could do better if you would work more on it.”

Here is the final presentation sheet of the project: (click on the image to download)

Final presentation sheet

View from south-west

View from south-east

Sectional perspective. [/html]

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Fri Jun 01 2007, 03:20am
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i liked the tube part most...oh the children could have a big fun there...nice bhaia... Edited Fri Jun 01 2007, 05:38am
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Fri Jun 01 2007, 05:53am
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done in sketch up.isn't it?
lot to learn from the presentation sheet
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Sun Jun 03 2007, 05:11pm
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congragulats on your work neoo
looks fun, nice that it doesnt just satisfy the dimensional reqs for children but also makes it fun for them to be there
the tube looks kinda claustrophobic to me, are there safety exits on different points? you could cut in some windows in that so that the adults can watch over the children while they are in there
you probably already did that though, is the tube transparent?

i like how you managed to put in so much open space in such a dense settlement, children certainly need their fresh air and time outdoors

and i really like your trees, right now im working on my urbanism project and i could use some 3d trees:) actually i turned my landscape project in 2 weeks ago, they would have been great then
could you upload them if you have them as dwg's? im not going to be working with sketch up on this project, will do my modeling with autocad
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Sun Jun 03 2007, 08:02pm
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Thank you Etipuf. Yeah the tube is made of rather translucent material like tempered acrylic sheets inside still framing. I couldn't make it like that in the SketchUP model. And of course there are some windows and opening at the first floor level with the cafe and children's play area. Oh the trees are the default trees of SketchUP I just scaled them according to proportion. Hey there's a cad file in the downloads section containing few trees and many other cad drawing elements. Try downloading that. I'm going to upload few more of that kind soon. Wish you best of luck dear

Oh I started a topic in a google group about this thread of ArchSociety. You may also take a look there, people have commented about many things there. I wish if they would join here and put their comments here in this very thread rolleyes.png
Edited Sun Jun 03 2007, 08:05pm
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Fri Mar 07 2008, 03:20pm
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Here I'm attaching the AutoCAD file of this project.
Himel requested for a cad file of an auditorium design..
In this project there's an auditorium, although it may not satisfy as a standard auditorium at all as it was designed in a very tight urban site. However it may come to everyone's help.
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Tue Mar 11 2008, 07:11pm
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i am new in sketch up...need some did u make the tube? did u make it so accurately bent?...nd how do u make punches in sketch up....i tried the push/pull tool but cudn't do it......
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Wed Mar 12 2008, 06:27pm
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I used the 'Follow Me' tool to make the bent pipe.
Yeah it was a real tough job. Because the pipe is bending three dimensionally and moving around all the XYZ axises .
The technique was: I made the entire center line of that pipe in AutoCAD 3d. To do that I pointed the horizontal shifts in plan in cad and drew vertical lines from those points measuring up to the center of the pipe. Then connected the top points of those lines with a spline curve.
Now I imported that 3d curve to sketchup. Drew a circle with the outer dia of the pipe, then draw the inner circle with inner dia and deleted the central area. Then rotated it perpendicularly to that curve and used the 'Follow Me' tool. Thats it.

Oh it was a very complicated description I think!
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