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Thu May 01 2008, 05:28pm Print
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: karachi
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 hello friends

i m student of final yr architecture.....

i really want u  to help me out with this topic.

i m thinking about such a space which provide not only the relaxation to ppl but they do some kind of activity there...

please help me out ....
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Thu May 01 2008, 07:49pm
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: Dhaka
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Are you thinking of some kind of spiritual spaces like a mausoleum or a dojo of martial-art or meditation center or yoga center....?
I'm not very clear about your point the 'healing space'... what type of 'healing' you are thinking about?
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Sun May 04 2008, 07:39am
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: Philadelphia
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reading a book? watching TV? back rub?

cricket? knitting? kung-fu?

physical injury? psychological scar? broken heart?

unified? separate? indoor/outdoor?

figure out the fundamentals. we'll help you with the rest

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Thu Feb 14 2019, 12:13am
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Sat Mar 02 2019, 04:38pm
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Fri Mar 22 2019, 05:45pm
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Tue Jan 19 2021, 08:57am
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While there is restricted logical examination affirming plan answers for making recuperating spaces, the writing search uncovered connections that give a premise to a draft definition. Mending spaces summon a feeling of union of the brain, body, and soul. They uphold recuperating aim and cultivate mending connections.

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Sun Jan 30 2022, 03:28am
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