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Tue Nov 11 2008, 01:58pm Print
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Hey! Any ArchiCAD user? This is just to let you know that ArchiCAD12 is now available! I have found some really cool new things, such as smart dimensioning (you even can do it with a 3D document!!!), great curtain wall systems, and best of all, real speeeed!!! It is really FAST! If you are an architect or an architectural student, you can use this software for free!!!

Source: Youtube

More videos of AC12 can be found:

Further, the BIM Experience Kit
was created to help architects to meet the challenge of keeping up with perhaps today’s biggest trend in design, Building Information Modeling (BIM).
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Fri Dec 25 2020, 01:38pm
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Thu Jan 14 2021, 11:42am
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