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Sat Sep 23 2006, 09:46am Print
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: Lisbon
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Any of you heard of Revit? This software lets you design in 3D, similar to ArchiCad. It works just has if you were bilding a model, and allows you to export directly to dwg, dwf, etc. To be used in a PDA, wile you're not in front of the PC and want to take notes for example
It allows you to make count & expenses, and also make listings (doors, windows, etc.). It works dinamicly, parametricly if you will, so it is very fast to use.
The model is made directly in 3D so you can render it as easy as sketch-up and you've got Studio MAX quality images.

It's an amaising software!
Edited Sat Sep 23 2006, 09:48am
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Sat Sep 23 2006, 12:30pm
Registered Member #68 Joined: Thu Jul 06 2006, 06:28am
: dhaka
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i didnt heard of it i know ....its really sounding very amazing... Edited Sat Sep 23 2006, 12:31pm
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Sat Sep 23 2006, 06:02pm
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: chennai
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got revit in our college but never tried it.... hv just started 3ds max learning so don't wanna mess with other softwares right now.... anyway hw is it???? submit some jpegs done in revit if u hv any!!!
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Thu Oct 05 2006, 02:54am
Registered Member #270 Joined: Thu Oct 05 2006, 02:04am
: houston
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reviit iis hot these day iin my last iinternshiip iin wahsington dc.. reviiiit seemed liike the hotteest stuff .. we must learn it !
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Thu Oct 05 2006, 04:21am
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revit.. hmm.. it is Building Information Mgmt (BIM) software..has pretty much all the functions laid out by Andre...
but it is limited in terms of visualisation.. good for offices.. BAD for students.. it can (CAN) limit u in ur imagination.. n stuff...

but is good for generating a building.. as a WHOLE with all components in their possibilitiess..!!
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Thu Oct 05 2006, 08:09pm
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: Dhaka
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In studio often I shout...
I trust in my HANDS.
If we really want to 'design' then hands are the ultimate tool. Nothing can bit it.
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Fri Oct 06 2006, 05:34pm
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: Dhaka
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hands are irresistable. they can feel the lines one imagine, and suddenly it gets whimsical a bit. it gives one new horizons to hope. to make, to think.

softwares are very effiecient and methodological.they can be your best tool to present quickly. but o design you gotta need hands.

i understand many ppl will want to kill me saying NUTS, but really i meant it as Neo. hands cant be beaten.
i heard abt revit and Skup. but hardly used these.may be late to explore those.i dont knw. in india ive seen many ppl usng these two softwares, but never saw any real outcome out of these.unfortunately.

im really eager to have some from anyone usng it. i guess it wd be easier for us to take a look upfront to the new dimension of ''trendy graphic RENDERINGs''!

no offence
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Fri Oct 06 2006, 06:12pm
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: chennai
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atul just chk this website to see some of the wrks done in 3dsmax..
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