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any impressive regional parks out there?
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Thu Jun 25 2009, 04:43pm Print
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hey there again archsociety:)
my school studio is on a huge regional park-reserved agricultural land-
i could use inspiration
does anyone know any innovative, creative regional parks with more than hiking/biking trails and playgrounds?
land art, facilities and museums, any cool concepts you would kindly bring up?
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Thu Jun 25 2009, 07:07pm
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Lawachara National Park: Safe home for endangered animals

i would like to name it from bangladesh. this is at

"exploring forest areas of the country are something different as spectacular plants and wildlife make a feast for all eyes. Nishorgo Programme financed by the USAID has created this opportunity by establishing the selected forest areas of the country as 'Protected Areas' and providing tour guides for the visitors. "

Mehrin A Mahbub, Communication Officer of Nishorgo Support Project, said, "Lawachara National Park managed by the local stakeholders is such a 'Protected Area' under the Nishorgo Support Project. They were either dependent on forest resources or used to steal wood and other resources, are now taking full care of this protected area."

Lawachara National Park, located 8 kilometres east of Srimongal town under Kamalganj upazila in Maulavibazar, is a beautiful forest near Srimongal marked by diverse birds and the presence of the largest population of the critically endangered Hoolock Gibbon (Ulluk) in Bangladesh,

by googling on 'Lawachara National Park', you might get more content,

the most important thing on the project what i feel is making those people work for its preservation, who were earlier destroying by cutting woods, killing animals, catching birds for their living. now those nearby dwellers are engaged as the keeper and care taker of the natural forest as reserve park and resort. that idea is awesome. engaging the local people in a manner- rather i say in a brilliant manner so that one place becomes a resort yet keeping all the natural attitude undisturbed.
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Thu Jun 25 2009, 07:24pm
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cool, its also interesting in terms of policy design
what i have in hand is of a smaller scale and without wildlife, it is some reserved agricultural land that awaits facilities and attractive design
id love to go to that park though
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